Sunday, December 28, 2014

Endangered Species?

It's official. The Dolphins are a mediocre 8-8 and gift Jets QB Geno Smith a career day. I really got irritated  watching the Dolphins secondary allow a career high 13.9 pass yards per play to a career 6.34 pass yd./play quarterback. Equally distressing was Dolphins linemen watching Tannehill get inundated by a heavy Jets pass rush.

I don't know what's worse, at this point, laying down against the Jets, another year of Philbin or Coyle's defense thoroughly being mastered by a 26th-ranked qb on a three win team!

Rex Ryan threw salt on that gashed Dolphin with the fake punt first down pass. The Jets dumped a season's worth of humiliation on these beached Dolphins.

Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey is in a tough spot. How much more talent can he find, that can push these Dolphins out of their doldrums, any more than the talent they already have?

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You're comment is on point. Hickey can bring in all the talent he can, but do we really think this "dead coaching-staff walking" will get anything out of them?


Ross made a huge mistake when he hired Philbin. Now, he's made an even bigger mistake by keeping him!