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Dolphins Linebackers

This area was considered by many to be a defensive weakness.

Looking ahead to 2015, this is a general overview of the salary impact of linebackers currently on the roster.

Also, the Dolphins shed themselves of the dead money hits from Carlos Dansby($2,325,000) and Kevin Burnett($1,250,000). That frees up $3,575,000.

         NAME             Ht.        Wt.          Exp.        Salary
Jonathan Freeny       6-2        254             3        $570,000    Exclusive Rights Free Agent
Jelani Jenkins           6-0        245             2        $613,172
Chris McCain           6-5        250             R        $420,000
Koa Misi                   6-3        252             5         $2,328,000
Kelvin Sheppard       6-2        252             4         $749,925   Unrestricted Free Agent
Jordan Tripp              6-3        240            R         $460,700
Jason Trusnik            6-4        252            7          $1,071,668   Unrestricted Free Agent
Philip Wheeler          6-2        245            6          $6,400,000
Danelle Ellerbe          6-1       245            6           $7,425,000

Ellerbe is on IR. If the Dolphins were to cut him before June 1, or trade him, they would carry $4,200,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $5,650,000.

Wheeler, cut before June 1, would cost $10,600,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $4,200,000. If traded, Wheeler would cost $5,600,000 in dead money and a cap savings of $800,000.

2015 Free Agent Linebackers
David Harris   NYJ   115 tackles   3.5 sacks  1 forced fumble
Josh Mauga     KC       95 tackles  3 Passes Defensed
Jerrell Freeman  IND   94 tackles  1.5 sacks  6 passes defensed  1 forced fumble

Dolphins Top 2 Linebackers
Jelani Jenkins             105 tackles  3.5 sacks  2 forced fumbles
Koa Misi                       63 tackles  1 sack

If you're the general manager, what's the solution for the linebacker corps in 2015?
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I think you are looking at 2014 need to look at 2015 contract numbers.... ....Click on Calculator and then pick a team and you can play GM to see how cutting/trading/resigning each player effects the cap........also when you see this (number)....that means the number has a negative effect on the cap if the player is cut., to read your guys stuff keep it up!!

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Solution at LB....

The Cap...Miami will carry over approx. 7 million (MIN), if the Cap is $140 min for 2015, they will start with about $5 min in cap space. Only enough for maybe the draft, so for signing our own free agents or going into the market place Miami has ZERO what is a team to do?

Our Own free agents (my resigning guess)...Miami has many, your story above is just about LB. So remember beyond DL/LB, Miami has Clay($3min), Moore(not resigned), Colledge ($2 min), Satele($2min), Wilson($1.8min) and Fox($2min) they must consider resigning. To resign this group would be approx. $10.8 min, so for this post, that is ($10.8) min in the hole.

DL/LB Free Agents...Shelby, Odrick and Trusnik are the major Free agents. Odrick may be in the $4min range to resign like Earl Mitchell. Trusnik about $1.1 min and Shelby $1.5 min range. The numbers are just guesses and based on other "like" players. All three of these player have played major roles this year, signing them would be adding another $6.6 min to our other spending of $10.8 min....our new over the cap total is ($17.4 min)

Who gets the axe? We need to create approx. $18 min in room, so lets begin....all in millions...This is based on players needing to be cut BEFORE June 1st 2015...a team can gain more savings on many players by cutting them after June 1st, but teams like Miami and New Orleans must pay up once the season is over.

#1 Dannell Ellerbe..........$9.85 cap....$5.65 in savings = ($12.350min)
$4.2 in dead money

#2 Shelley Smith............$3 cap.........$2.75 in savings = ($9.6)
$250,000 in dead money

#3 Cortland Finnegan....$6.475 cap.......$5.475 in savings = ($4.125)
$1.0 of dead money

#4 Mike Gillislee...........$.626 cap..........$.544 in savings = ($3.581)
Dead money $81,400 William's took his spot

#5 Pouncey is in the last year of his contract that will pay him $7.438 min, there is no bonus amount on this. Signing him to a new deal could save as much as $2 min on the Cap in 2014....maybe 3 year $ 18 min deal...$2 min in savings = ($1.581)

#6 Brian Hartline....$7.350 cap..........$5.95 in savings = $4.369 ABOVE the cap
It is better for Miami to cut Brian then it is to trade him cap wise. This is because prorated bonus money is accelerated against the cap in a trade. A trade would reduce the savings by $2.8 min...odd I know

On to the LB Question; Cutting wheeler would only save $200,000 in cap space doing it before June 1st 2015, but would gain $3 min AFTER. This will be interesting to watch.

Jenkins and Misi are fixed as starters, does not matter what we think of them. Wheeler is the odd man out. On the current team, I would like to see Chris McCain take his place for the Jets game to get a better idea of who he is. Beyond that, Help must come from the draft as there is no money to spend.

DL Starks, Odrick and Mitchell are all one gap players. Miami needs to find a 2 gap NT they can develop through the draft. Free agent 2 gap players are very expensive and as you can tell, there is no money. Mitchell was suppose to be a 2 gap player, but that has not panned out. A wide body that occupies 2 blockers would help both LB and DE find more success.

DE...Miami has 4 right now, Jordan needs to become the replacement for Wake as a starter and Wake needs to become the man they move around in the speed package. Also, Vernon is in the last year of his contract and some thought must be made on how to extend his contract. This may be something that can be done AFTER June 1st once Wheeler is cut.

My Numbers came from do NOT care if you found a spelling/grammar mistakes suck it up....I have been a dolphin fan for over 30 years and know what it means to suffer LOL

your fellow fan


We're just talking linebackers here. Cut Ellerbe, save 10+million with Dansby and Burnett going off the books. Sign Jerrell Freeman, with money left over for other needs.


All I know is that with Finnegan retiring, Grimes in his 30's, Davis n Taylor not long term answers, the 1st pick will be a CB. LB? Misi, Jenkins, Jordan. That is all. Cut Ellerbe and Wheeler. 2nd pick, Lb or OL or DT. 3rd pick, Rb.