Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Analysis

I just watched the Raven and Chargers and here are some of the points I took away from the game.

-Although everyone is freaking out about run defense, the Ravens like to run a zone blocking scheme that is more effective against large power defensive lines.  It features a lot of stretch runs to the left and right.  Defensive Tackle penetration really helps to contain this type of attack. Our Defense has the speed to be able to match up to this.  However, they need to be able to improve on tackling if they do get through gaps.
-They have a very dangerous kick returner. We need Sturgis to hit his kickoffs into the back of the end zone to limit his impact in the game

-The Ravens like to push the ball down the field to Torrey Smith and Steve Smith. Look for them to challenge our cornerback not named Brent Grimes deep.

-The Raven really have impressive rushers off the edge.  We will need to be very careful with deep drops and Tannehill will need to be aware to slide up into the pocket.  They are very aggressive so our read option, draws, and screens should be used to take advantage of them rushing so hard off the edge.

-The Ravens like to stand their linemen up and move their players a lot on defense to hide where they are blitzing from.  I would use a lot of Peyton Manning long snap counts to catch where they are moving.

-Flacco has a live arm and throws a pretty deep ball. However, he seemed to not be great at intermediate passes to the left side of the field.  It could just have been the game, but he was much more comfortable throwing 10-15 yard passes to the right.

-The Ravens like to work in a play action bootleg setup off their zone stretch runs.  Miami HAS to be committed to staying home to respect containment and everyone maintain their gaps.

-The Ravens are somewhat limited on interior pass rushing.  Nagata can really anchor well to limit runs up the middle but he reminds me of Paul Soliai in that he is too heavy to provide a strong interior rush. The Ravens like to blitz linebackers up the middle to compensate for it. A well timed screen or reverse could really catch them.

-The Ravens defensive backfield looks very suspect to me. The Chargers were consistently able to beat them 1 on 1. Landry, Wallace, and company should have a matchup advantage in 1 on 1 situation. I would get these guys the balls in the flat and make the Ravens defensive backs try to tackle them.




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Very nice job.


Accurate assessment, gofins4sb. Both teams match up very similarly. Given a choice, I would prefer to shut down Baltimore's run game and take my chances pressuring Flacco, even with Miami's thin secondary. A repeat of the past two weeks run defense will result in a massacre. Playoffs ride on this game.


Awesome analysis! I hope the dolphins coaches are seeing the same things.

Vegas has Miami as a 3 point favorite. I'm actually surprised at how many websites are favoring us too. That's a good sign.


Very nice article gofins!! I believe we have to win the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. We cannot let the Ravens run on us to set up the long ball & we also cant let Suggs & Dumervil tee off on Tannehill. The trenches will be the key to victory!! Tannehill hitting a deep ball would help tremendously also!


I don't think Tannehill needs the DEEP ball, but medium passing would be ideal. All we got against the Jets is short throws and that's not enough. But we could burn the Ravens secondary with intermediate throws around 20 yards, especially if the LBs blitz and we can avoid sacks and get the ball out 20 yards. I don't think their DBs can keep up with our WRs one on one...


Good article. Another game we can win if the Dolphins steps up to the challenge. The question is, will they step up for 4 quarters, because that is what it will take. The Ravens are an experienced, hungry, and well coached team. Taking the later 3rd or 4th quarter off with a lead isn't going to cut it. Hopefully, the Phins will take an emotional boost from Monday night and run with it.

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Who is this gofins4sb and how come he is not on our coaching staff or is he???