Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A final thought on Ross, Michigan, and the Dolphins

I watched a little of Harbaughs press conference via the hilights that ESPN showed. But I'd didn't see Stephen Ross in the crowd. I admit I was surprised by that, I expected he'd be front-and-center.

Then I saw the report I've attached below, which was filed on Saturday evening. So, it was basically a done deal before Sunday's NFL games were played. And Ross was busy planning a party for the new coach as early as Saturday night.

It's no surprise, then, that there hasn't been a word from him after an 8-8 season and a disappointing game. He was focused on his other team and (I believe the term I've used previously) hobnobbing with his mancrush.

I understand other business interests. I get that for some pro owners they have other things they're involved in. But when one of those things directly conflicts with the team, ya gotta wonder....

But other than owning the dolphins and agreeing to fund stadium improvements "himself" (and yes, that's dripping with sarcasm; its a sweetheart deal that has him coming out ahead financially without using the stadium), what has he done for the community at all?  As far as I can tell...nada.

It's like I keep saying: he likes owning AN NFL team, but it's just a hobby. You may care about it, but does he? He "bleeds maize and blue" and his ringtone is the Michigan fight song.  I'm all for loving your alma mater, but he comes about as close to owning it as one can, I suppose.


Chat Sports received an email late Saturday night, which has now been confirmed by Fox Sports Bruce Feldman, stating that Jim Harbaugh, his wife Sarah, their children and Michigan AD Jim Hackett and 3 other members of Hackett’s staff will fly to Michigan Monday on a 10AM PT private jet direct to a private airport near Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh and crew will board and fly directly to Ann Arbor, landing around 6PM ET. From there, Harbaugh will be welcomed to Michigan by over 50 former Michigan players and several prominent alumni, including Stephen Ross, for a private dinner celebration on Michigan’s campus.

From there, Tuesday will be an eventful day in Ann Arbor, with a press conference and basketball event welcoming the Harbaugh family to Ann Arbor. Read more on the Tuesday events here.
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It all adds up, Dave! Unconcerned owner, uninspired head coach, energyless players.


The real problem with this team starts with Ross...