Friday, December 19, 2014

A crafty maneuver?

I was surprised to see that ticket prices remained the same over the course of the week, about $30 for the Vikings, and nearly $50 for the Dolphins.  And the inventory for both remained at around 2,500.

Meanwhile parking passes "sold out" for the vikings at well over market value (when paying cash on game day will be cheaper), and is nearing a sellout for the Jets game at $60+....

That just doesn't feel right to me.  So I did a little investigating, and turned up ....nothing. 

But I did notice that the Dolphins under Tom Garfinke changed their approach to selling tickets (particularly to season ticket holders). He hired a bunch of people, and came up with a strategy to sell not only tickets but "experiences" - they threw in extras like trips to Seaworld, meets with former players, and so on.  And they also offered these two games "for free" for new season ticket members next year.

Not only that, they came up with a modified way to exchange tickets seamlessly that they marketed to season ticket holders, so the secondary market is reduced - and they keep the price point up.

In other words, they better control the market.  Its also possible (though this is only a guess) that they're buying tickets from secondary sellers if the price is low, and adding more inventory to the mix as they think they need to.  Why would I say this?  Because it helps keeps the price point up a little, and would help explain why nothing changed on stubhub.

Regardless, they are being crafty and clever.  And that's maybe a little surprising.  But it also might mean they owner is being equally crafty and clever about his next step with the team - maybe he has a plan for the coaching of the team.  Maybe he just isn't ready to tip his hand.  Because last time he went on a public chase of Harbaugh and that led to a bad place....maybe he learned from it...

And by the way, I was thinking this afternoon that pretty much every year for the last 15 years we have been talking about the offseason, coaching changes, who's available in the draft, etc during the last month of the season - rather than playoffs or bright the future outlooks.  Its weird, and yet its become so regular its hard to remember what it was like when the Dolphins were always relevant.
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What I find disappointing with Ross is that he will have a clearly subpar entity on his staff, yet will keep them for years & years in an attempt at "stability." For example, Sparano had 4 years to improve the team, and failed. Yet Ross kept him even after being embarrassed in his Harbaugh hunt. Then he had Ireland blow draft after draft yet still kept him for a mind-numbing number of seasons. Now Philbin and Tannehill haven't improved this weak team after 3 years each, yet will likely be kept just to say we have a stable team. In my opinion, stability is only beneficial when you have a winning combination. This team is embarrassing on many levels. Even hearing about how a woman in the front office (Aponte) is feuding with the coach/GM makes me cringe. I think this is the only team I've ever heard of that tolerates this type of failing culture over long drawn out periods. It makes me think no one is decisive. No one wants to make a hard decision to put this team on the right track. This team has been stuck in the doldrums for decades, but it sure has been stable.


Ray one reason ticket sales are high this week is because they are inducting Manny Fernandez into the ring of Honor this weekend. Nat Moore was on the Finsiders and said that they reached out to all the living members of the ring and invited them down. So there will be a lot of greats in the stadium.
And the Jets game is just a rivalry, any way you slice it it's meaningful.


Get 'em in the seats, whatever it takes.

They could try Xpress Xit passes that allow you access to dedicated lane to get out of Dodge as fast as possible. The lane will open up after the 1st Quarter and Philbin should be in it soon.

How about giving new season tix owners one set of tix to go watch Detroit at Green Bay or Cinncinnati at Pittsburgh. Games that actually mean something.

Let new season tix owners sit in on the firing of Philbin and the winner of an auction to charity gets to open the door for him on the way out.

Just a couple ideas to help move tix.