Thursday, December 04, 2014

A Boost For The Miami O-Line

The Miami offensive line got a huge boost this weekend against Baltimore.

No, Branden Albert did not make a miraculous recovery.

Instead, Haloti Ngata, arguably the best run stuffing defensive lineman in the NFL, which happens to play for the Ravens has been suspended for Adderal use which is considered a PED in the NFL’s eyes.

Samson Satele benefits from this the most because Ngata steals his lunch money every time the two have faced each other.

If I were Lazor & Philbin, I would dial up a heavy dose of Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, & Damien Williams to try and capitalize on the situation. I believe now, that we can run successfully on the Raven defense. This can greatly help the rest of the offensive line in the passing game against Dumervil & Suggs.  Not to mention, it will tremendously help Tannehill and take some pressure off of him if we can get a run game going.

This game is Miami’s to lose, hopefully they make a statement on Sunday!

Phins Up!!
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I am seriously foaming at the mouth right now! We couldn't have gotten much better news for this Sunday!


Oh and I always wondered what crow tasted like. Hopefully the Dolphins can tell me after they eat 53 crows this Sunday!


Is he definitely out or can he appeal this suspension and still play???


No he can't. I called him and told him no.

Seriously though.... We need this break. I really think if we can just win this one we'll be playing in January.


@Carl He has already admitted he took Adderal and has resigned himself to coming back in the playoffs


@ Carl:

LOL, appeal, LOL!!


Put the damn ball in the END ZONE. How do you get to the 4 yard line and settle for a FG? Ridiculous.


And maybe stop letting them throw for huge gains. Just a thought. It MIGHT help.