Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wait. What? An 18 wheeler was stolen?

Back in the 1980s, there was a Miami Vice episode where someone makes off with a cement truck.

More recently, there was a real-life story about a Miami truck driver who went missing - along with his semi-trailer filled with thousands of dollars in nickels that were being sent to Atlanta to be melted down and minted again.

And then today, we heard about Rich Eisen's production truck disappearing from a hotel before the dolphins game.

In the case of the tv show cement truck, Crockett and Tubbs found it and stopped some heist within the allotted hour.

In the case of the missing coins, the cops found the truck, driver, and coins within a short time - and it turns out the driver was in cahoots with a couple of locals. They decided to turn in the coins at a local supermarket a couple of hundred bucks at a time. And that's not suspicious at all...

It amazes me what people will steal sometimes.
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why can't the Dolphins steal a victory?

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Well said; a win is a win!!

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Not everyone's circuitry is wired for decency & the common good. I was adopted & can see biology at times, while also experiencing the tough love parenting & the right thing to do at other moments! I was blessed to end up in my family. They may see it different, but without them, no doubt I would not be here.