Sunday, November 09, 2014

Wa wa waaaaa

You can say what you will about the coach's use of timeouts (eyes roll), but Ryan Tannehill once again proved my point.

He had a chance at a TD with about 4 minutes left. He failed. He had a chance to get a few first downs with just over two minutes left. He failed. He had a chance with little time left to move into elite status and at least have a chance to drive for the win. And again he failed.
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Can't hit that damn long pass for a sure TD!!!!!!


Yeah, how about the defense allowing Stafford to march right down the field for the winning score. Or Clay dropping a touchdown in the end zone. Get outta here with your Tannehating.


I have either missed your "point" articles about Tannehill, or have forgot? Chances of forgetting outweigh the other...reason, or point?
Are you saying Ryan is a poor QB? He has not learned, and 3 years is enough, to learn how to time manage a NFL game? Or something else? What is/was your point concerning Tannehill?
No matter what it is, I probably will question it when it comes from someone who disguises their identity. UNLESS=there are stupid legal ramifications that prevent you from being the owner/author/publisher(??) of a blog on the internet. If that is the case, and you must disguise identity, then I do understand as mush as a person can not actually wearing your shoes.
All that crap said: down to the meat of things, you don't feel Tanne is the man to take the Phins to the next level? Or himself to the next level? PManning is one of the best ever. One SB victory. DMarino considered by many to be the best ever. Zero SB victories. Tell me your argument, or direct me to a previous Post that does!


EDIT: " much as a person who is not wearing your shoes, can understand your situation."


Just when I though we turned the corner the opposite is true. This team is not an elite team. ESPN shows the Dolphins no love and will continue to do so until this team can win games like the one we lost today. I watched the game on TV and needed my heart restarted on several occasions.

As I saw it we left 14 points on the field, a long pass which was overthrown and a failed pass in the red zone ( a long pass overthrown?) Tannehill is, and always be inconsistent to say the lest. When we missed the TD in the 4th quarter and settled for a FG I knew we would lose the game, and do you know why I knew, simple it is like a bad movie that keeps on going and going, once you have seen it you know how it ends, and true to form the Dolphins as always proved me right.

It will not get any easier in the up coming weeks with Buffalo and the Broncos coming up, yea the Dolphins will play them close just like we played the Packers and Lions close.


Tannehill doesn't have the it factor to guide a team to a championship like Luck does. You can see that Luck and Wilson are gonna be around for a long time. They carry a team on their back and will their team to win! Tannehill will never win a superbowl in my opinion


So it was Ryan fault that the D-line was in his face almost immediately?


A. The defense has shown us they are good. The lions were better but they still only allowed 20.

B. tannehill still has not shown the ability to pull out a win or to close out a game. I throw my Hans up and say he's useless.

Maybe he's adequate. But win a freakin game already.

Blame it in anyone you want. I put it on tannehill.

Yes he ran down the pick but that was his only hilight. A tackle in which he had his face ask pulled; it could have been disastrous And it was a turnover anyway.

As for "building something" .... Ummmm. No! This team is going nowhere and they'll be drafting a qb in May.


Far fingers. "Hands up" and "face mask"


Go root (and try to write) for a different team "Ray Finkle."


No Matt, but it was his fault he couldn't hit a long pass again!!!! It was a sure touchdown!! Why can't he bring his team back for a win like Luck does. The only way to stop Luck from coming back on you is a stake through the heart! It's sad, but when they only got a field goal, I knew we lost. I knew the defense wouldn't hold. All Jones had to do is fricken look back and he intercepts the ball!! It's always something. They wont beat the Bills, Broncos, Pats and it looks like the Jets wont be push overs either


You're all right! I have no idea what I was thinking? We Efffing suck, & it's time to throw in the towel. I would much rather be back in the days of Dan Marino. That was the #^&* wasn't it? Second year he leads us to a SB. Never happens again, but all I'm worried about are fantasy points. Those were the days!! This team stuff(like the Patriots), it sucks. I want one good player that can help win my fantasy league. Y'all are lost in your own ignorance!! Now that I do believe!!
No second chances either. When we end up in the playoffs this year because we didn't hang our heads like pathetic babies, no jumping back on the wagon. You guys have quit and said so. So join another blog of a winning team....oh, my bad. We have a winning record similar to the Bills, Steelers & others. I know Pittsburgh hasn't had a bye yet.
We are 2 last play passes from being 7-2. Sorry, it's obvious all you guys love games like this so you can write crap about pro players making your own lives seem worth while. This team isn't done. That's all you need to know!!


Ray Finkle is not a dolphins fan just a moronic _itch ! Dolphins lost a great player today and all you idiots do nothing but complain . Team show skill and heart and wa wa wa.


Tannehill was not the problem in this game. Not by a long shot. With 4 minutes left, after running on 1st and 2nd down, Tannehill threw a perfect TD pass right into the breadbasket of "Big Play" Clay who dropped the ball. I don't know how you can blame Tannehill for that. The lack of TD was all on Clay, who continues to prove that he the Dolphins' most overrated player.

No way that Tannehill gets replaced in next year's draft. He continues to improve and, after two years of mediocrity, is turning into a very good QB. His lack of college experience made his NFL development slow, and that first round pick may not have been worth the wait, but that is all water under the bridge. At this point he is a quality NFL QB, and no team will replace a quality NFL QB simply because it took two years for the light to go on.

Today this team showed some glaring problems. Lack of depth on the O-Line and DB were exposed. No legit TE threat was also exposed. Youth at RB was exposed. Expect these issues to be addressed in the draft, not QB.

Also, since you are brining up the time outs, once again Philbin mismanaged the end of the game. Once the Lions were in FG position, the smart thing to do - the Shula way - is to put the opposition against the clock and play for overtime.

I get what Philbin was doing, trying to play for the win by calling the TOs once the Lions were in sure FG range, but that is putting the cart before the horse. Philbin once again outsmarted himself at the end of the game and lost.

It is clear this team has no plan on what to do at the end of tight games. Ultimately, the blame rests with Philbin. The Dolphins will continue to be a sub-elite team until Philbin figures out how to win these type of games. Maybe Jim Harbaugh can help, his current team sure as heck knows how to compete in close games...



You are right sir. The Fins are not done. But you know what the difference between the Phins and Steelers are? Big Ben can get a few first downs to win a game. As I wrote in a post after the game, the Phins can still make the playoffs but it's gonna take near perfection and I just don't see it happening


Clay didn't drop the ball. The defender raked it out.

I agreed with Philbin burning the TO with 1 minute left when Bush was tackled at the yard to gain and given a first down. We needed to slow it down to let ref in booth take a look at it. If he was down before the first down, we would've had FG tie game and got ball with 50 seconds left to get field goal.



Sorry, but Clay has to secure that ball. He caught it and didn't immediately reel it in. He even took a step with the ball nearly a foot away from his body, in traffic. No wonder the ball got raked.

Philbin didn't call a TO when Bush got tackled. There was some initial confusion on the field about who called the timeout, first Lions, then Miami, and coaches when ballistic claiming they didn't call the TO. Ultimately, it was ruled that the Refs called that timeout for a video review. Philbin did call two other timeouts in that drive, and those TOs are my main gripe.

I agree that burning timeouts was an attempt to get the ball back after a FG and win the game, but I don't agree with that strategy.

The more common strategy, when up by 3 or more and a team driving inside the 2min warning, is to let the clock run and work to the defense's advantage. Given that this Dolphins D can create turnovers, having an offense in constant hurry up mode, where it is prone to make more mistakes, seems to me like a better approach.

So far, the practice of calling timeouts, inside 2 minutes while the opposing team is driving for the lead, has backfired on Philbin twice. It is not clear that Philbin knows what he is doing in those scenarios.


That super slow motion that the media uses these days is very compelling for either side you want to take.
In super slow it does look like Clay had time to secure the ball. That time is fast in a mind to CNS too arm too hand & back again too secure the ball.
The Detroit player logged it lose. I've watched it several times. Of all our receivers you think that one is Clay's bad? I think your opinion is based on an over all infuriation at the lack of the Miami offense to score TD's in stead of constantly kicking FG's.