Monday, November 03, 2014

Tuesday is election day

Get out and vote!(there's no political stuff in here, just a reminder)

There are no excuses, polls in most states are open 7-7, and its your Constitutional right, or dare I say duty, to have a voice in government.

In many states (Florida included) who resides in the Governor's Mansion is up to you.  You can select your member of Congress.  And there are Attorneys General, Commissioners at various levels, and city decisions to be made.

In Florida, we have 3 proposed Constitutional Amendments, and in Broward County there is a bond issue - to provide more money to schools (this is the only thing I will give an opinion on, please vote YES!)

The internet has a wealth of information about your polling place,and what's on the ballot.  Here's one site that offers such info (I am not endorsing this site, merely providing it for reference)

So do your homework, and remember to vote on Tuesday.
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