Monday, November 24, 2014

Tough loss

The dolphins played a good 3 quarters of football before Peyton Manning took control in the 4th.

It's not that Miami was bad, merely that they were outplayed. A friend of mine who is a broncos fan said he was impressed with the fins and thought maybe they were a year or two away from being an elite team.

Fair? I don't know. But what i do know is that the fins defense looked pretty good. And the offense put up some points. Tannehill has indeed been looking better.

But keep this simple fact in mind: scheme has had a lot to do with it. Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez - both middle-of-the-pack QBs - have found similar success with the same scheme. Doesn't mean tannehill is necessarily bad, but the system is certainly helping him.

But like all innovations on offense (cough wildcat cough) eventually defenses catch up. So can he - or any of the other guys - maintain it? We'll see.

As for this years prospects, 10 wins may not get a team to the playoffs, so the margin for error shrinks every week. Eventually you have to win one of these close games.
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My only gripe was that we let a 4th string RB run all over us, and Manning still had 4 TDs. Stop ONE dimension of their offense at least....


Didn't matter who ran the ball when their O Line dominated our D Line.


Welcome back to the band wagon, Ray.


That's true Carl. We got NO pressure on Manning the whole game. I'd kill for us to have an O-line like that...I'm not sure we'd ever lose.


Wake wasn't even in the game during their last scoring drive. Was he hurt?