Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thoughts On Philbin

I don't necessarily think anyone wants to Philbin to get fired. We all want to see him and the Dolphins succeed. 

It's not that the Dolphins lose. It's HOW they lose. 

I believe it comes down to coaching. I don't need to go through the 2 collapses against Detroit and Green Bay, we all know what happened. Let's talk about Denver. 

Philbin loves calling defensive time outs to "Kodak" the offense. So why didn't he do that when Denver scored in the red zone when Jelani Jenkins was covering Demaryius Thomas? Yes, I get it, Denver had him lined up as a TE which is why Jenkins picked him up, but why not call one of your famous time outs to combat that and maybe make Denver change the play or at least be better prepared?

So to recap, Miami calls time outs against teams that they have on the ropes without any way to stop the clock and does not call them against the team that is shredding their defense. 

I personally like the way the Phins look recently but Philbin must put his team in a position to win. He has not done that which is why we are on the outside looking in right now. 

If the Phins lose because of a great play by the opposing team, it would be a lot better than losing because they are getting out coached. 

Hopefully Philbin learns from all this and gives his team the best chance to win week in and week out.

Phins Up!

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I don't necessarily think this post is worthless, we all like reading good posts with great insight. It's not that this post is bad, it's just how it's written.

I believe in having something worthwhile to say, then taking the time out of your day to put it down for others to read.

I personally like some of the work done on this page. But being out coached means what? Drastically improving the O-line in one season, despite injuries? Re-vamping the offense in one year, and doing well despite losing a starting RB? Stomping NE on day 1? Blanking SD? Busting the losing streak to the Bills?

To recap, we don't need wishy-washy blog notes about faults we can all see with our own eyes. Hopefully this blog will be in a better position to inform readers in the future, it s the readers who are on the outside looking in!


By the way, I agree that Philbin needs to work on clock management like Tanny needs to work on his long ball. Both are young at their positions. But lots of coaches suck at it--Andy Reid, for one seems, to have no concept of clock management, and he by all accounts is quite successful. So don't go firing anyone right now, and don't go spreading discontent--we need one more draft to gets few more pieces, that's all.


I like the idea of firing coaches early and often and maybe even getting rid of some vets.....the rebuilding of this team half way and then starting over makes for great comments.......this team has had a depth problem for years, thanks to Ireland and this new GM this team is now deep....but ya, fire them all and maybe we can get a bad GM we can all agree on...happy turkey day

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Mr. Perspective,
I agree with you regarding your 3rd paragraph. Even though I was already aware of that as well.

As a contributor to this blog, I take offense to your critique of the blog in general.
Its a holiday, so I am sure that Lawrence didn't have the extra time to elaborate enough to satisfy your curiosity. I am sure that the next time you read his contributions you will be more impressed.

We are always looking for contributors, whether it be by putting yourself on the line or just commenting about the thoughts of others. You are more than welcome to contribute how you wish.

But keep in mind Theodore Roosevelt's words "The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best, in the end, knows the triumph of high achievement. And if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly so his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

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Coaches only have certain things they are responsible for. Things like preparation, play calling, tempo, challenges, timeouts, spirit, overall strategy, and halftime adjustments. Most of the on-field screw ups are usually player mistakes, which implicates the GM. For years the Fins failed in both the coach and player (GM) areas. Now they seem to be better, but I can clearly see the shortcomings with tempo. There's this lagginess about their offense that shows they're not pressing the opponent to their limits. I also see player shortcomings too. Who hasn't seen Hartline catch a pass and go immediately to the ground or out of bounds even though a tackler isn't within 5 yards? That's not on the coaches, that's an example of player failure.


Fintasy, I agree with your comment, "There's this lagginess about their offense that shows they're not pressing the opponent to their limits." The buzz during preseason was about implementing Lazor's uptempo offense. I haven't seen it either!

Your mention of Hartline sent me on a stat hunt for YACs:

Landry 5.8
Miller 5.6
Sims 4.8
Clay 4.2
Hartline 4.1
Wallace 3.8
Gibson 3.7


To go further on the topic of tempo, there are definitely two schools of thought on that. On the quick end is Chip Kelly's Eagles and countering that is the deliberate Peyton Manning. I guess tempo is a subjective issue.


Apologies to the regulars, it is indeed a Holiday. My critique should have been more clearly aimed at the the masses who advocate regular firings to solve all our problems Gasnotoil's sarcastic post seems perfectly acceptable here, based on the lack of response.

I could have taken a little more time myself to explain what I was really reacting to--namely the fact that LOTS of people are clamoring for Philbin's head (or Aponte's, Ross', or Coyle's--pick the enemy of the day).

Starting a blog the way Mr. Chavez did seemed akin to starting a discussion with, "I am not a racist but…" (For KNick who took me so literally, I mean to say how you start a discussion reveals a lot about your thoughts even before you've said anything). If you don't want him fired, and just want to talk about about his weaknesses, say this.

I like the coach. I like the team. Love the fins, like all of you. We need stability and better players right now, that's all.

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We do need stability and like most teams, better depth. I like everything that Hickey is doing. He is a keeper.

I would keep Philbin no matter what our record this year unless the players lay down, which I doubt will happen. Philbin has grown leaps and bounds this season. He is worth keeping even if Harbough leaves the 49ers, who I am not sold on.

Apology accepted.

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Haven't seen this post since I posted it but I wanna say thank you to Nick and Carl for sticking up for me in my absence and also that the whole idea of my post was not to call for Philbin's head this season but just to point out that we are possibly 3 very badly timed time outs being called (or in the Denver game, not called) away from sitting on 2 losses and possibly playing for home field advantage through out the playoffs instead of praying to the football gods that the pieces fall exactly how we need them in order to just squeak in the final spot! Philbin is doing a good job this year, he just needs to clean up a few things!


I think the reason Philbin didn't try to "Kodak" in the GB game is because he's starting to realize it's a stupid tactic that doesn't work and just burns a time-out, much like "icing" the kicker, which I see backfire more often than not and the kicker misses the first kick, gets a second chance, and makes it. "Kodaking" is stupid because when you call a timeout, that gives the other team time to change their whole defense, so chances are you aren't even going to be dealing with the same defensive set you just "kodaked." The strategy didn't work in other games, I don't expect it would have worked with Denver. I'm hoping we've seen the last of this useless tactic in Miami. This isn't college.


*in the Denver game...was what I meant in that first sentence.