Sunday, November 09, 2014

The End of 13 in Miami

Sports and superstition seem to go hand in hand. Some players wear the same lucky socks and some fans always wear their lucky jersey on game day. I consider myself too rational to get into something absurd like that. I have always firmly believed games are won by hard work and preparation. It is easy to open a science book and pound your fist on the table and say that.

That is of course until you get cursed... We should have seen it coming. It is called Triskaidekaphobia, or in layman terms. Fear of the number 13.  You see Miami had a chance, they really did. We had a very talented safety by the name of Jake Scott. He had a great career and we should have just not messed around and retired that number. Instead, we allowed it to be slapped onto Dan Marino and in doing we scoffed at the condition of Triskaidekaphobia. Of course Dan Marino went on to rewrite the record books as one the best ever. Fast -Forward to 1999. Dan Marino had reached the end of his remarkable career.  We celebrated the great number “13” all over and although we loved him, we also knew that the organization had decided to push him into retirement.  In hindsight it was so absurd. We did not have an option to replace him. Jay Fielder? You can’t be serious? You wanted to get rid of him because you were excited to get Fielder behind center? Before anyone could come to their senses it was too late… Karma had been set in motion.  We had scorned the gift of Dan Marino and his number 13 and the team was cursed.  Almost as if Maleficent entered the room and in a strong voice exclaimed “You will be sentenced to 13 years of having no hope, no super bowls,… no quarterback.  Miami will suffer the fate of 13!”

The sky turned black and the dark ages arrived. All hope was brutally sucked from the Miami Dolphins and its fans for 13 long dark years.  2012 arrived and Miami, once a strong proud franchise had been reduced to ashes…  Then something happened, the clouds began to dissipate.  There was a faint glow of hope that could be heard.. although it was only a whisper.  The draft had arrived and with the curse now over, the Miami Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill. He was just a kid that had not really played much quarterback. He had been a WR a few years even.  However, he had the arm, he had the legs and he was smart kid with a bright smile.  We remained patient and developed him and I think we now have our QB. Sure there will be some bumps along the way, but the rebuilding of the team to once again be a strong and proud franchise is well underway.  I remember the days of Tony Nathan, Mark Clayton, and Mark Duper. Now the names are reading Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry and Mike Wallace. We once again are a solid a team that can compete with anyone in the league…our arrow is definitely pointing up. It has taken time to heal but I feel the return of excitement to this team.   I really enjoy watching this team play and I can’t help but feel number 13 has finally been laid to rest in Miami.
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Isn't Tannehill the 17th QB since Marino? And he wears #17? It's also the next prime number after 13. So we have a new lucky number.


In the Tarot card number 17 is the card of the Stars.

It symbolizes wishes that will come true.

This is a card representing hope.


Sorry guys, I remain to be convinced. Even Dalton looks good sometimes (in the correct scheme). Lets celebrate when we win a playoff game, and its on his arm. That's when we ll KNOW we have a keeper.


Wow,,,Mouldymuffin! just neged it out and he has 13 characters in his tag.

On the other hand, I have 13 steps from my bed to the bathroom and 17 minutes to finish urinating, but that is an age issue.

I agree the arrow is pointing upward and that the entire organization is growing together. It all starts with GM Dennis Hickey, who I think has done an outstanding job with the roster. The coaching staff and players seem to be messing well now.

But this is a bottom line business. Despite the entertainment value, if we don't win we don't smile, we don't enjoy the week, we lose hope. However, if we win then all is forgiven, the world spins correctly in the universe, we believe.

Its insanity times 17. Yes, the weeks in a season!

Holy Scabootty...How about that for numeralogisticness.

BTW...Holy Scabootty has 13 characters.

Wonderful article.


The curse started when Shula was forced to retire. That was a travesty.


Yes Frank. Should've let him coach a few more years. I Jimmy Johnson had some role in that.