Friday, November 14, 2014

The Bills Game And Moving Forward...

Miami wins. Great game plan from Lazor. Great execution from Tannehill although I wish he would hit that elusive long ball.

I also wish the offense could have played a complete game.

I was however impressed that they found a way to pull away in a somewhat sloppy game.

Buffalo's front seven toasted our line but the quick reads that Lazor put into the game plan offset that for the most part.

Get ready to turn into a Seattle, New Orleans, Tennessee, and Indianapolis fan this weekend as well as Monday night because I think we are still going to need a lot of help to make the playoffs since the AFC is so congested. 

Oh yeah, and I would like to point out that Tannehill's passer rating was 114. When he is above 90, it is very difficult to beat Miami. 

Very nice win Miami. 

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WOOOO! Hey McKelvin, does crow taste like chicken? I'm curious. Maybe next time you should shut your mouth after a losing game that you blew big plays in. Miami showed class by responding on the field. And T-hill play a very good game, at least on paper. I was pissed in the 2nd quarter though when he had a wide open field ahead of him on third down and threw an incomplete instead of running it. Bad decision. But for most of the game he protected the ball and, yes Lawrence, when he plays well, we win.

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Oh man, I fell asleep. We won the game? Staying on TAN's bandwagon. Not allowed back on for all those that keep dissing him. Winning is fun!
Nice read Lawrence! And YES, the chubby lady hasn't even tested her vocal chords yet. CONGESTED is right!! Carl, we won so I went a bit over; quite jubilated and all!
You didn't seem to waver in those 4 days. Admirable Phins Up!!!


A win is a win, although a couple of guys left injured, I hope they are ready for next Sunday.


I just hoped that the team won, which they did. Stop hoping for stuff that don't matter. What matters is wins and losses. Period.