Monday, November 24, 2014

Something doesn't add up (bills-jets edition)

I'm watching a little of this game and I noticed something: it looks like there're maybe 10,000 fans in the stadium (or put another way the attendance is better than at a dolphins game - har har).

Why is that weird you may ask? Because the NFL "gave away tickets to the game"... And why wouldn't people attend a game for free?

Apparently the answer is that it wasn't quite that simple.

The story behind the story is that any and all tickets were general admission. They informed fans holding tickets to the game in buffalo that they would be admitted to this game by showing their ticket.

Then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, they opened the box office to distribute tickets between 10-3. Each of the days had an allotment of tickets. And each day they reached the allotment within the first 45 minutes that they were open.

We heard that on Friday, the number of tickets in the allotment was a mere 500.

And then on Saturday they abruptly announced that all 67,000 tickets had been distributed.

The companion story is that a small contingent of people walked up to the window on each day and took all of the tickets available, and then offered them for sale on the corner across from the ticket window, and on stubhub, for $125

So the actual number of free tickets distributed was well under 5,000 and then surely were bills fans who made the trip or sent their tickets to friends in the area.

Kudos to the NFL for trying. But it was poorly executed and attendance was not so good.

And you have to wonder if they did any sort of makeup/make good for the buffalo fans who couldn't make it to the game?
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