Saturday, November 01, 2014

Say A Prayer For Philbin Family

Coach Joe Philbin lost his father last night.

He was away from the team on personal matters for the last two days.

He is back at the Dolphin facility helping to prepare for tomorrow's game against San Diego.

It is never easy for anyone to lose a close family member, mentor or friend.

Please say a prayer for the Philbin family as they deal with a difficult situation.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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None of my peculiar, strange, odd behavior!!!
I was very interested/concerned, basically did not know what to think. I "guessed to myself" that it must be something very serious in order to be completely absent from a profession that is well documented about incredible work hours/devotion & probably workaholics. I admit I was worried it was something this BIG!!
Concerning my relationship with my father....I can say without any doubt or other consideration that my father is my idol, hero, closest friend(by a mere smidge over my mother-and really it might be equal??), my example of what is all good in this world of extremities for any opinion, belief, action in the name of _______, teachings, politico's, and the personal interpretation of the very similar rules of life by all religions; in my case the 10 commandments & if they are followed, or "hey 9 out of 10 is still pretty good!"; I know I have failed because I have coveted, I have stolen, my father IS my idol, and the 9th=thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor-in simpler terms refers to all types of lying. And 2 others I have definitely faltered at: not taking the LORDs name in vain(which I honestly try not to do) and I do remember the Sabbath day, but have failed in keeping it holy(for all of us, that is a tricky one. Or as I said in the beginning, many twist it a bit to make it work for their life style; and I have no judgment against anyone who does!!!) Well, I can already tell this is a bit long, so I'll stop with similar words from Carl's Post.
I would like to say a prayer for Joe & his family. May his father rest in peace.
Thank you Carl,
Phins Up!!


Nice post Carl, The team played their hearts out for him today