Sunday, November 23, 2014

Same Story, New Title

Another incomplete game by the Dolphins. 

The story goes like this:

Start bad, finish good and lose.

Start good, finish bad and lose.

Start good, finish good and win. 

Nick's prediction was wrong. My two predictions were wrong. And Carl's 7 predictions were all wrong. 

10 wins may not be enough to make the playoffs this year. Miami must win out. 

Good luck Miami! As a commenter on this blog stated before, if they can't win the close games then they will go nowhere, and they are 0-3 in "close" games this year.

Crappy loss but at least it was an entertaining game.

Maybe next week Miami.

Phins Up

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The offense played very well and did enough to win the game. The top-ranked defense gave up over 200 yards rushing to novice running backs, forgot how to tackle and drew uncharacteristic penalties. Defensive scheme was toothless against Manning.



I have to agree with you. This team cannot play a complete game consistently. Either offense don't help the D or the D don't help the offesne. The team either starts slow or ends slow. This is one of the most frustrating Miami teams I have ever watched!


consistency falls squarely on the shoulders of the head coach in my opinion


quesy Joe has lost us at least 2games with bad coaching..idk if lazor is ready to be a head coach but this has been the best Phin offense in many years..if this talented team fails to make playoffs quesy has got to go..can we keep lazor & let Joe go??im not sure how that will work?..a lot of questions need to be answered if this team doesnt make playoffs starting with Philbin


Here we go again. The sky is falling. Face it, we all marked this one down as a loss at the start of the season. We should be proud our team was able to go to Denver and compete with one of the top 2 AFC teams. Peyton was just a little too much for us. If it was in Miami we might have won. Hell, we COULD have won in Denver. It just didn't happen for us. If we go 10-6 it is not a failure, playoffs or not. A 10-6 team is a playoff team. If they don't make it because of a crowded conference it's not their fault. Just look at the Cardinals last year. If we go 10-6 and they fire coaches, THAT may make me give up on this team. If we hit the reset button again after a 10-6 season, we'll miss the playoffs for another 3-4 years.


I see no problem with replacing the coaching staff, as these guys can't win close or important games... and this was IMO a playoff game.


@ jeremyandjessica:

If they miss the playoffs it very much is their fault. They didn't beat an injury ridden Chiefs team at home and they gave up three 4th quarter leads so far not even winning 1 of them.


The Patriots didn't beat that same Chiefs team though. Miami has been trending in the right direction since Philbin/Tannehill got there. More-so than at any other time since Marino left. 10-6 is not a failure. It doesn't happen over night. The "3 season" rule is stupid, created by fickle fans with no attention spans. The same "fans" who I blame for the NFL becoming such a high-scoring, quarterback-dominated league.


And weren't you saying a while back that all you wanted is for us to COMPETE against the good teams in the league? Well, we have competed with the Pats, the Packers, the Lions, and the broncos. We beat the Bears pretty bad and stomped a mud hole in the Chargers. To say we've competed is an understatement. So we lost to the Chiefs. So what? The Chiefs are pretty good. And what team doesn't lose to at least a couple teams they shouldn't have lost to? The Broncos lost to THE RAMS. Like I said we've been trending in the right direction and everyone's expectation for the fins at the start of the season was 9-7 or 10-6 and HOPEFULLY a wildcard. Now you're saying that 10-6 will be a failure? You honestly expect them to go 11-5? No one expected that to start the year off because it is an extremely unrealistic expectation for a team with a very green coaching staff and totally rebuilt O-line.


@ Jeremyandjessica:

Yes, I did say they had to compete with good teams. And yes, competing they are, for at least 3 1/2 quartes in most games.

I am not saying 10-6 will be a failure, not making the playoffs will be a failure.


Not making the playoffs is a tough call though. The AFC North is killing it. The dolphins have no control over the Browns and Steelers at this point. What they do have control over is beating the Ravens. That is a MUST WIN game. But between the AFC North teams and the Chiefs, it's hard for me to blame Miami for not making it at 10-6. The AFC is just too strong this season. The good news is that the teams Miami is fighting with for wildcard spots have tougher remaining schedules than the fins. Hopefully we'll get the help we need.