Sunday, November 09, 2014

No blood, No foul?

Just like to say even when I step back and try watch the game without emotion; as if it is a preseason game.  It's very difficult.  Obviously came out in several of my replies to people.  I know you guys are all Dolphin fans and your opinions are as relative to you as mine are to me and Ray's are to him(well, hard to say on that?). Bitchin' at you because you feel a certain way is not gonna change anything except maybe create more anger & bitchin'.  My apologies to anyone I may have disagreed with about anything.  Winning is definitely more enjoyable!
Phins Up!!!
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KNick, everyone loses it from time to time. Most people just blurt something out and then later wish they could take it back. It usually is only heard in a short distance and soon forgotten.

But when to put pen to blog, it is here for eternity and everywhere as well. The beauty is that even though you may vent or say something youcould regret, you still have to click on "Publish" for it to go out to the entire universe perpetually.

So, read it over first. If you think you may offend someone, you probably will. Just don't make it personal. Keep it clean.

Your Mom may read these.

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Yeah it was that comment about my Mom that caused pause. And hopefully will do so at the appropriate time as well! If there is anyone that can still send shock & fear through my bones it's that 5'2"-5'3", 110lb. 70 year old women.
Thanks Carl!
Phins Up!!!