Monday, November 10, 2014

Next years game in London

Possibly lost in the news last week was this: the NFL told teams that in order to be considered for a future super bowl, the team would have to agree to play in London. And not just "any" game but a prime matchup.

So the dolphins *had* to give up the home game against the jets, which just happens to be a game that regularly packs a crowd at Joe Robbie stadium.

But what I find most interesting about all of this is the financial picture. In short, mr. Ross created a favorable deal to do renovations on the stadium (to say he's paying for it himself is incorrect), the NFL makes it financially attractive for a team to lose a home game (that is, they at least equal what the gate receipts would be, with no costs of running a stadium yourself), and the stadium gets consideration for a future Super Bowl which - despite words from owners to the contrary - makes a nice profit for the owner.

And that means that the owner is all about the bottom line. He's making money and "we" lose a chance to see one of the biggest rivals.
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It does appear as if the owner would rather host a Super Bowl than be in a Super Bowl.


This is why all teams should adopt Green Bays approach: Publicly owned.


The Orlando Predators were a publicly traded NASDAQ stock and it never did well at all and they de-listed in 2003.
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OK, you would have to be, as smart as me not to get your point. Mr. Ross is about the bottom line. Don't you, heck ANYBODY, make decisions with more than one positive in the outcome?? Haven't you sat down and made a list of positives & negatives before making a decision?
I don't know what you do for a living, but you gotta' figure Ross has a staff of advisors for this very thing. And one thing I do remember about the dual owner is he was in the news nearly every day when Super Bowl considerations were being handed out. Above all, I think he cares about his bottom line for the SB; the bottom line it brings to ALL the businesses of Miami & SW FL collaterally. PLUS, it ups his image as a good & concerned man for the economy of Miami & SW FL.
Maybe he is all about the bottom line? But as long as he thinks that way & if he succeeds(succeeds being the huge "if") then the economy of Miami & SW FL succeeds!
The more money Ross makes, the more money Miami makes. So we lose a home game to the British. In the long run you know it is about the Super Bowl!!