Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Midseason Thoughts And The Lions Game...

We are a little more than halfway through the season and what an interesting one it has been. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for me. I have seen the Dolphins lose games they should have won. I have seen our QB play like the second coming of Tom Brady...or Ryan Leaf, depending on which game you are referring to. Here is my overall opinion of the season so far as well as predictions for the Lions game:

Dennis Hickey deserves to be the MVP of this team, in this case, the "P" stands for person. He has done a tremendous job with this roster. Everyone under the sun thought he was a fool for signing Finnegan in the offseason, how dumb does he look now?! Even in the draft, Ju'Waun James has been fantastic and Jarvis Landry, in my opinion, is the best receiver up to this point in the season, to come out of the draft. Not to mention he also signed pretty much the rest of our new and improved O-Line minus Pouncey. Good Job so far Hickey. I am interested to see what happens this offseason when Miami is in somewhat of a cap situation and has to restructure contracts as well as sign new ones and let go of key players. I am confident Hickey will do well. 

Can Tannehill maintain his recent success? I am not sure but he looked like the second coming of Brady in the Chargers game. I hope I was wrong about him. 

Overall, we are sitting at 5-3 and have lots of reasons for optimism. It still hurts knowing we let the Packers game slip away but we are on the good side of .500 and need to string some more wins together to separate ourselves from the pack. There is a crap load of teams that will be battling for a wildcard so every game will count in my opinion. I am not going to bank on winning the East although it would be nice. Just look at the AFC North, every single team is above .500 right now, EVERY SINGLE ONE! Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, and Browns. CRAZY! Sorry KNick, I have to disagree with your post about resting players this Sunday. I believe this game will count big time come playoff time. Only way we should rest players Sunday is if we get a big lead. Not to mention, taking a few players out of the mix for rest may ruin our momentum that we seem to have picked up the last few games. 

Now, as for the Lions. This is going to be a tough call. Who wins the battle? Optimus Grimes or Megatron?! Suh or Pouncey? Those are anyone's guess. I honestly don't think Detroit will be able to run on our defense, but I also think we won't run on theirs either. I believe the offensive coordinator who calls the best game will be on the winning side of this game. Will Lazor find ways to get Miller involved if we can't run effectively? Some screens? Using him as a wideout against some LBers? I would suggest even getting Landry and Wallace involved in the running game and Tannehill on the read option, just don't get carried away with it. We just have to keep them honest. And under no circumstance, we cannot abandon the run no matter if it is effective or not! We cannot let the Lions pin their ears back and get after our QB. As I said before, the Lions have the same problems so which coordinator will adapt? I sure hope it's Lazor...
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Sammy Watkins is doing a hell of a job in Buffalo with 589 yards and 5 TDs.

Lawrence, you are correct that we cannot rest players just for Buffalo. Its a huge game, but they all are. If it was late in the season and that was the last game that would determine our playoff participation then I would rest players. But at this point every game is meaningful so its "all hands on deck".

I believe we can run the table if we play well. We are as solid as anyone else in the league.

My only concern is Sturgis' inconsistencies. His toe may be our Achilles heal.


Optimus Grimes! BAHAHAHA!!!

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Hey MAN! You know what happens when you disagree with what I say? Damn it, it always seems like you guys are right.?.?.?
Yeah, I see it. It's too early to rest players with the entire AFC, minus 3 teams, still in contention for their division or a WC. Sunday could be one of those extremely boring, ugly, defensive slug fests. Well, to each his own; some fans prefer those games above the rest!
It is so good to hear someone say they believe we can run the table!! I believe it is possible. Probable=No, I guess, but this team(particularly the defense) always seems to(how did you say it about Detroit Lawrence), Ah, "have it's ears pinned back!" And not just against the pass. They get after it!!
All I can do is keep saying a prayer for Caleb, and hope like heck he is putting in extra time every single chance he gets!! Whether it's on the field kicking, or listening to one of those motivational types. Hey! Is that former Gator QB doing anything?

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I forgot, you mentioned Ryan Leaf? 14 TDs & 36 INts. Our Ryan has never been that poor. That's all.