Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Joe Philbin's Future Breakdown

As we head into the critical home stretch to the season I see a lot of discussion about deciding if joe Philbin will keep his job.  I would say up until this point of season my preference would be that he does stay. That has changed from earlier in the season when he was making some bad game management calls and I was leaning for it being time for him to go. From a total team picture, I like the team they have put together; I like Dennis Hickey, I like Bill Lazor, and I like Kevin Coyle.  Firing Philbin would more than likely shake all that up and I don’t feel like that would be a giant step in the right direction.  With that being said, the rest of season will have a large impact on things.  I thought I would mention some various outcomes and what I see happening.
Philbin Stays If..
-          Dolphins Make the Playoffs no matter the record.
-          Dolphins win 10 or more games

Philbin Will Most Likely Stay if…
-          Dolphins finish 9-7
-          Dolphins Finish 8-8 and Sweep the Jets with some serious injuries (i.e. wake, grimes, out etc.)

50/50 Philbin Stays (Ross may do some interviews like Harbaugh)
-          Dolphins Finish 8-8 Sweeping the Jets without many major injuries

Philbin Will Most Likely Be Gone if…
-           Dolphins finish 8-8 with last loss against the Jets causing them to miss the playoffs
-           Dolphins finish 7-9 or worse
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There are some plays lately that make you question what's going on in the games.

Why did the refs suddenly favor the Dolphins against Buffalo. They haven't done that in over 10 years.

Why didn't Manning pick on Rose? Who is Rose anyway? What's the explanation for him playing 2 snaps & Aiken replacing him? Why did the Dolphin defense lay down for Denver?

I think this stuff is all fixed, Sorry, I don't mean to be a poor sport but it's just too weird.


Why did the Fins throw so many times to the right flat late in the Denver game? It wasn't open any of those times? It was 5 times in 2 series.

Why didn't the Defense play a run zone to offset the holding by Denver?
The Prevent for 20 minutes was simply stupid.


I agree completely. I don't see any of those scenarios where he gets fired happening though. I really feel like this is a different Dolphins team. I think they have the fire to go 10-6, playoffs or not.


11-5 and beating the Packers in the SB


I am also not a millionaire (for the record) After the Green Bay loss I was ready for a new coach. After the Bills win I was Happy with the teams progress. After watching the Dolphins loose another close game to a playoff team I'm scratching my head as to who to blame. We have a good team with surprising talent. They had an 11 point lead 3 times in the game and then the 4th quarter happened again. Is it coaching "not to loose" instead of "to win"? Were there just too many injuries? It didn't seem like Manning was exploiting our injuries. Why was Wake out for Denver's last scoring drive? Was it all due to altitude? If the team had gone up earlier would they have been still going in the 4th quarter?
Some of these point to coaching issues. So as of today I'm leaning towards keeping everything the same for next year and see what happens.


Matt if you want to blame someone blame Peyton Manning. The fins are a good team. The fact is we just got out-played. 4th quarter miracle comebacks are nothing new from Manning.


In response to Wake being out. This is how I see our Defensive Line ability

Pass Rushing Wake>Vernon>Jordon>Shelby

Run Defending Shelby>Vernon>Jordon>Wake

Denver was running all over us. We had to get Denver in a 3rd and long to even have a chance for Wake to sack him. So we had to change our focus to stopping the run. I am not saying Wake is horrible at run defense, just saying he is nothing special at setting the edge and shutting down a physical running attack.

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If Philbin stays at least one coordinator will be fired, likely special teams, but maybe Coyle.