Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dolphins/Chargers Predictions...

So Miami plays a huge game against the Chargers tomorrow. I say huge because we may be battling San Diego for a wildcard and this game very well could be the deciding factor to who is in and who is out.

The Dolphins should win this game. Here is why I think so:

San Diego has to make a coast to coast trip and play an early game. That is never a good thing for the traveling team.

San Diego's offensive line is in complete shambles. I believe they are on something like their 3rd center and wouldn't ya know?! Our strength is our defensive line! We should have a field day against them and Rivers can be somewhat of a diva when he gets frustrated. We should get after him early and often without having to blitz and make him hear fandom footsteps throughout the game.

The Chargers are also on their 3rd RB. 

Nothing about the receivers of the Chargers scare me. Grimes, Finnegan, Jones, and possibly Taylor should have no problem with them. The real key will be stopping their offense on 3rd and long, the thing to watch here is how Miami plans to slow down Antonio Gates. We can't let them get long completions when we have them on the ropes.

Even if Colledge does not play, we should have no problem protecting Tannehill and running the ball. The pass rush of San Diego is nothing special and neither is their run defense. They have the talent but do not produce sacks. I am more worried about the accuracy of Tannehill than the pass rush we will be facing. 

I am not sure how San Diego's CBs are doing this week but I do know against Denver last week both starters were out due to injury. So either we will be facing the backups or hobbled starters, either way this is an advantage for Miami.

There are only 2 advantages that I see San Diego having tomorrow:

One of them is quarterback play. Philip Rivers is by far a better QB than Tannehill right now. We have to get him out of his game and I think the best way to do that is to pester him early with constant pressure. Once he is frustrated he tends to try to hard and can be forced into mistakes.

The other advantage is coaching. Overall I think McCoy is a better coach that Philbin, although as of late, I have been impressed with the game planning and halftime adjustments that the Dolphins have been making. If you take away the total coaching meltdown against Green Bay, I would say they have been doing a great job this year, but unfortunately you cannot take it away! Let's see if Philbin and his staff can redeem themselves throughout the rest of the year.

Everything considered, Miami should win this game by 10 points. Let's see how it all plays out tomorrow.

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I like your analysis. I predict a 31-17 victory by Miami.


Dave this will be a blow out, our offense has shown nothing but inconsistencies all year long. We cannot fall behind and expect our defense to bail us out against a solid team like the Chargers. Final score 24-10 San Deigo


I wouldn't be too critical of their subs. Sometimes a healthy backup RB is better than a banged up starter. Its week 8 so they have been involved with the team for a while.

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Miami generally plays to the level of their competition, and so this should be a good game. Agree with MadPhins' prediction.


Regardless of the score, Miami needs to win tomorrow as well as against Buffalo and Detroit. I don't see us beating Denver. Miami must be 7-4 at the end of November if they want to make the playoffs.

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I agree with your assessment Lawrence, in a perfect world. Or, if both teams play to what their stats equal, who is injured, & where they are ranked by ESPN. Or if that's what Vegas says? I haven't checked. Still, I like it & hope it turns out!!
Couple thoughts, I promise to try limit the length!
1) I thought "1" of the main reasons we moved up to take D. Jordan was his ability to handle/cover people like R. Gronkowski? He played special teams & I think around 20-22 snaps last Sunday. Maybe he is the jam at the line to slow down Gates & hopefully put some timing confusion in that very successful connection over the years? Or maybe he is instructed to cover Gates all day? Doubt that, but a thought.
2) No rain in forecast, but I still think it is time for the SD skill players to rub their hands in butter prior to KO. Charger Fumbles abound with Dolphin recoveries all over the field!
Dolphins 77
Chargers 21 Actually I feel a bit less scoring, but still a FIN-WIN; 33-15!

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