Sunday, November 02, 2014

Dolphins/Chargers. The Good And The Bad

Ryan Tannehill played flawless today against the Chargers. He picked their defense apart from the first snap until his last. He did not turn the ball over today and was as accurate as I have ever seen him. He made some throws that absolutely blew my mind. Like the one he rifled between 3 defenders to hit Wallace for a big gain. Like the one where he pump faked Rishard Matthews open for a TD. Like the one where he extended the play with a scramble and threw it deep to Wallace, even though it was not completed, he gave our playmaker a chance. VERY IMPRESSIVE GAME BY TANNEHILL. I very may well have been wrong about him. I was also impressed when Tannehill ran the ball, he protected himself very well and gave himself up rather than taking an unnecessary hit. 

What could be more impressive than Tannehill's performance? Our defense. 3 turnovers off Rivers and a shutout. I said the Dolphins would win by at least 10 but I never expected this. Rivers was pestered all day. I believe Cameron Wake had four sacks. Grimes with 2 INTs. And where the hell did Reshad Jones come from?! He has always been a decent player but he is playing like a mad man. Just today, he had a pick and played STELLAR in run defense. He is playing like the best safety in the league right now in my opinion. 

The bad I saw today? Only a few things. First, Mike Wallace needs to put more effort. I saw him leave a TD on the field when he purposely went for a 1 handed catch for whatever reason when he could have had an easy TD if he had used two hands. Second, Caleb Sturgis sucks. He is missing way too many field goals, it is getting ridiculous. Third, the Patriots just beat the hell out of Denver, they seem to have hit their stride.

I am totally flabbergasted about this game. I don't know what else to say. If these Dolphins can play consistent then the NFL is in trouble. Great game by the Phins today

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I told you all; if the Dolphins had a QB who could throw accurately, that we would blow teams out in the 1st half. Today, the Dolphins had a QB who threw accurately and they blew the Chargers out in the 1st half. Matt Moore was a little rusty, being that they have had him hidden up the kitchen sink for about 12 years. But Matt Moore threw a couple of rifle passes that let you know that he will be ready if and when he is called upon. This is only one game people. Tannehill is usually inconsistent. Let's see how he plays against Detroit and Mainly Buffalo. If Tannehill plays the way he did today in our remaining games; we will not loose another game and we will meet either Arizona or Seattle in the Superbowl!


Agree with your comments and observations with one exception. There were four turnovers, not three. Rivers fumbled; adding to the 3 INTs. My only concern with this game were the points left on the field (three field goal attempts deep in SD territory). If not for dropped passes, the score could've easily been 52-0. Scoring TDs on a consistent basis (as David Apollos points out) is what's needed to make this team legitimate contenders.

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You're bagging Wallace and Sturgis? Come on....

Wallace played great today. He made an amazing juggling catch on a poorly thrown ball, a great run and catch on a dart thrown in traffic. Not to mention that San Diego was double and triple teaming Wallace on every play. Which allowed Tannehill to throw to everyone else.

Sturgis sucks? Aside from one blocked kick, he is 15/16 inside 48 yards - extremely respectable for an outdoor kicker. Sturgis' kickoffs have been outstanding. I don't see how you can make the statement that Sturgis sucks.

I have to agree with others about the red zone. The score should have been higher, but it seems that at some point this team decides to let up a bit. This may be the same kind of let up that causes the team to lose a close game like Green Bay. The killer instinct must kick in.