Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Bringing it all together

I posted or replied something similar a couple weeks back; can't remember when??  But canamDolphin made a reply that touched on the same area in Carl's Post titled "THE MARINO AFFECT ON TANEHILL"
The area I am speaking about, and also what canamDolphin said, have to do with the affect & the offensive scheme Lazor had on Nick Foles, and possibly what we are seeing now in Ryan.  If you have time, look at Philly's record 2013.  They were 3-5 at one point; Foles came into game 5(I don't recall why? Injury or just trying someone new?), but didn't start a game until game 6!  
I think there is a higher learning curve to this offense that takes all of pre-season, and then maybe 6-8 games??  Continued practice & serious attention to detail for every position is required(I believe).  e.g. On a very short 4th & 1, all 11 players must perform their job to get that 1 yard?  Maybe that is too much for an NFL team?  But they ended up pulling it together in Philly, losing on a no time left FG to get to the 2nd round of the playoffs!
I believe when you learn this offense the pay-off is high!  But everyone has a job to do on every play so no 1/2 %^&*#@ on plays where the ball isn't coming to you.  And I haven't seen that with this group & I do not think they will over celebrate before going to the Motor City.
I'm not sure how much this game means when we have to turn around and play Buffalo on Thursday.  If anyone is in doubt injury wise, I would rest 'em.  Our last NFC game & I don't think it means squat.  Unless they are still rolling then of course, a "W" is great.  But don't take chances with any LB ankles, or TE issues, as well as our RB's!  Give those guys another Bye week if they need it!  I have my plastic rain coat on for all the fruit & veggies thrown at me on this one.  It's how I fell. 
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I was thinking the same thing about resting players who are very banged up. I wouldn't want to lose any ground to other teams in the playoff hunt. There are 3 teams ahead of us currently due to tie breakers and if we lose, who knows how far we could fall.

So, if Lamar Miller can go, then he needs to start. Thomas has been running well as his backup so we can rotate him in more than normal.

Clay looked fine Sunday, so hi is knee should be ok. Getting Sims back will help because Detroit's D Line is a lot tougher than San Diego's is. We may need him for blocking.

Gibson came back so our WR's are back at full strength. Our DBs are banged up a bit.

This is a marathon not a sprint but every game is important with only 16 to play. I dont believe it will shake out to 9-7 gets a wild card. More like 10-6 and hold the tie breakers.

BTW, we have Minnesota game 15 as our last NFC game.

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Yeah, Thanks. I kept looking at all the games(games remaining) and continued to think I can't believe this is our final NFC game? Would have thought they would mix it up more?
I don't recall the Dolphins ever having the lead rusher, and then next in line was the QB? Unless Woodley, or maybe even the man from Dartmouth. It honestly feels thin at that position. One acl from ....who, Thomas starting?
Yeah, when you have 3 teams in your Conference that are a combined 2-24, it's gonna make the WC records pretty good. Unless, of course, they all start pounding out victories.
You like to be 50-75 rows up when you guys go live, or just what's available??


KNick you make some really Valid points. I still want a win but I'll be less upset if we loose and go healthy to Buffalo. Also I hate Thursday Night games too little turnaround.

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I hear ya' 120%!! Too little turnaround and every other thing about those broadcasts I dislike! Well, not everything, I'm exaggerating. Biggest for me though is when they put the games on the NFL network. Don't have it, so won't see it!
Hey, I didn't realize when I wrote my piece that Buffalo has some pretty stiff competition on the prior Sunday also!! Advantage is they play at home. But they play KC who plays in cold weather as often as Buffalo. Thing is they(KC) don't pass very well. They run excellent, I think maybe tops in the league? But Buffalo has a very good D-Line. It's just nice that they(Buffalo) don't have a push over before coming to Miami on Thursday.