Sunday, November 09, 2014

AFC Playoffs

I was just looking at the AFC standings and this is how I see things shaping up.

New England is winning the East, sorry but it is what it is.

Indianapolis is winning the South barring a Luck injury.

Denver is winning the West, KC is a good team but Alex Smith can't outplay Peyton.

The North is just a complete mess. One thing I am pretty confident in saying is that the Bengals will not be the team to win that division. 

With that being said that leaves Buffalo, Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and San Diego all with four losses. Cleveland and Kansas City with 3, and Cincinatti with 3.5. 

Kansas City already owns the tie breaker over us and I believe Baltimore will also because I don't see us beating them. 

I see the 2 Wild card teams coming out of the North and West. One of them will be KC out of the west and the 2nd out of the north is anybody's guess. 

Honestly, I see us losing to Buffalo, Denver, Baltimore, New England, and at least once to the Jets. That puts us at 8-8 so all this tie breaker stuff will not matter anyways. If for some reason we pull an upset or 2 in any of those games AND we are lucky enough to hope for a playoff berth I still think we lose it to KC because of, well, you know, that game where they kicked our rear ends with arguably their top 3 players sidelined by injury? You remember right? It was the one with that big giant Dolphin at the 50 yard line. The same one that will be there when they play Baltimore...

Remember, this is just my opinion, not fact. Nothing but my best prediction. I guess we should all be happy that we are at least competing in these games right?!
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Well gee thanks Miss Mary sunshine.
I guess you aren't the last bastion of hope after all.


@ mattbatt:

I call 'em like I see 'em...


This dudes blog is pure nonsense and it's annoying. It should be taken off of the mobile news wire feed.


@ Jason G:

Simply don't read it. :-)


For the record there are several people who write for this site, and all if them are fans if the team and would like nothing more than for the team to get it together.

A few would genuinely like to believe the team will go 7-0 the rest of the way, a few have become a bit more ... Pessimistic and if I were to guess, the losing has beaten them down pretty well. And the rest are somewhere in between.

I am not trying to speak for them, just pointing out that it seems there are widely ranging opinions.

No doubt about it: it's tough to be a fan when things go bad. - especially when we are in year 15 or so if a downward cycle.


Pessimistic and if I were to guess, the losing has beaten them down pretty well. Yea beaten into submission or secretly New England fans.


Losing to Green Bay and Detroit when they had the lead but couldn't run out the clock will cause Miami to miss the playoffs. An offense that normally can't get moving until nearly half-time will cause Miami to miss the playoffs. The defense usually plays well, but the offense doesn't show up until the second half and then expects the defense to save them.

For some reason the offense can't start a game, and the defense can't finish it. Coaching problem?


I wouldn't if it didn't appear in the feed. Since we are being honest here, this blog is honestly the worst Dolphins material on the mobile news wire. Armando's blog is better is more informative, even when he's opinion is deemed pessimistic. The Herald's material is better, and the Sentinal's is better. So if this blog was a football team, you'd be the Jaguars. Out of all the Dolphins options available, this blog is the worst. Now how's that for being honest? I've said it before and I will say it again, the Dolphins nor their fans and the readers of this so called blog need your so called realism. If you don't believe in the team then don't be a fan. Stop "bitching".


I saw "afc playoff picture" & thought ok something informative analysis. It doesn't show the source, just the title. And even when I saw it was this poor excuse for a blog, I thought, well let me at least read it and see what the playoff picture is. And instead, as usual, all that's here is a negative opinion. Literally that's all that's here. Nothing informative. Negative ppl look for things to bitch about, intelligent ppl don't dwell on negativity.

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FYI, this blog has been on the news wire for almost 10 years now, before any mobile app. I know the website new feed does indicate if a site is a fan blog or press blog or a newspaper story. If it annoys you that the mobile app doesn't have the same information, then maybe the message board is the place to post the complaint. I'm not sure anyone here can help. Other thing you can try is to use your phone's browser to view the news feed which will give you more complete info about the link.

For what its worth, this a fan blog, not paid professionals. IMO, as fan blogs go, this is one of the better ones. Not sure how the bloggers here got to write for this site, but they seem like serious Dolphins fans, and the site often has some good entries. Though, maybe not so good right after a tough loss.

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The Dolphins AFC playoff picture is this: Between now and the end of the season 4 out 7 games will be against teams the Dolphins are directly competing with for a playoff spot.

Dolphins are tied with two of those teams - Buffalo and Baltimore - in the loss column, and Dolphins are two games behind other two - Denver and New England. There are seven weeks and a lot of football left.


I guess I am the only one who can add.

Lawrence, you have us losing 5 more games so that would put us at 7-9.

We are making the playoffs.


@ Carl:

Good point sir, 7-9, or 8-8 with an upset. 9-7 if we get a few


@ Jason:

Yes, you are right, Armando's, Omar's, Abramson's etc etc etc are all more "informative". Most likely because they are at the facility every day. Just sayin'. This site is a "Miami Dolphins Blog. By FANS, For FANS". Not Beat Writers.


Well, if we make a wildcard, we won't play KC anyway. Both wildcards will start out opposite ends of the bracket, so they only way we'd play them is in the AFC Championship game.

A lot of people on here love to trash the phins after a loss. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen a lot more people putting 100% of the blame on Tannehill, because that's what usually happens. He did make mistakes, but so did everyone else. He missed the deep pass to Wallace and I was pissed, but later he threw a perfect needle to Clay and Clay didn't do enough to secure it. That TD catch should not have been allowed to have been stripped like that. That play would have won the game.

The defense played great until that last drive. To me if you HAVE to blame someone, you blame the D here. In a game where everyone on the team had equal ups and downs, and you want to point the finger, you point it at whoever didn't close the game out. Yesterday it was the defense that didn't finish. The offense did enough to have the lead at the 2 minute warning and when you do that, it's the defenses responsibility to keep it together and close out the game.

You can't ask this offense to score 30 points every single week. Some games, no matter who is playing, are just going to be low scoring affairs and the defense is just going to have to win the game. Ours failed to yesterday. The lions have a great defense. I don't think they are better than our defense, but yesterday they PLAYED just a tiny bit better than ours.

On a positive note....HOW FREAKIN GOOD IS BRENT GRIMES? Holy crap. Calvin Johnson, by all laws of nature, should have been able to score 3 TDs and 200 yards receiving. Yes he had over 100 yards and a TD. But he got beat A LOT by a CB that is 7 inches shorter. And that endzone INT was incredible. Almost as impressive as that crazy Gronk catch last week.

I still see this team being able to go 10-6. That's very optimistic, but you can't argue that they aren't at least capable. They annihilated the Chargers. No one expected that. A lot of guys on here thought they'd lose that game. I said they'd win. However, I also expected a win yesterday and they came up short.

I just don't think the phins are going to let the Bills beat them again at home. I know Albert is a huge loss, but the makeshift line actually played just as well without him. In fact, the sacks decreased after he left. James is good, he can fill in just fine. RT is weaker now but at least it's not Tannehill's blind side. Clay HAS to secure those catches. That is what TEs are supposed to do. They aren't generally fast and they have to make up for that with good hands. I say we beat the bills. 6-4

We will probably get roasted by Denver. 6-5

The Jets are so bad. They will only win against teams that take them lightly. This is a long shot, I know, but I think we can sweep them. 7-5

The Ravens will be tough, but I don't think they're better than us and we want revenge for last year. Home field advantage wins. 8-5

Pats win. We aren't going to sweep them. The way they are playing, their a SB team right now. 8-6

Surely we can beat that mess of a team, the Vikings, at home, right? 9-6

Jets will give us all we can handle, trying to spoil are playoff hopes again, but this year we're not having it. Good look with your new team, Rex. 10-6.

Yep, overly optimistic. I know. But there's no reason this team isn't capable of that record. The problem is that even a 10-6 record MIGHT not be good enough for a playoff spot. That depends on what happens in the west and north. I'll be cheering for AFC teams that we hold head to head games over.


Sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors. Should have proof-read.