Sunday, November 09, 2014

A potentially interesting decision

This week, we heard talk that Jim Harbaugh is the coveted man at the University of Michigan, assuming he's fired from the 49ers (which seems likely).

As we all recall, a couple of seasons ago, the dolphins owner unsuccessfully chased after the same Harbaugh.

And here's where things might get interesting. Suppose that the dolphins underachieve and miss the playoffs.

Might the owner of the dolphins make a run at Harbaugh again?


Will the owner of the dolphins, who also wields enormous influence at Michigan, try and get "his man crush" to sign with Michigan?

Arguably, Steve Ross has more of an interest in his alma mater than the pro team he owns. And Harbaugh, it is said, is better suited for the college game. And he, too, is a Michigan guy.

I wonder what he (Ross) might do if Harbaugh does get released. If he does land the coach at one place or the other, some fans are going to be peeved that he slighted *them*.

What an odd situation.
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We are making the playoffs. And I would give Philbin another year unless we 7-9 or lower.
This team is improving but the OLine is all messed up again.


Harbaugh goes to Michigan no matter what. I think he resigns and goes back with healthy contract.


Playoffs? Anything is possible of course, though I have my doubts.

Hairbrush to Michigan seems likely. We'll see...


Playoffs? Playoffs? What team are you guys watching? Seriously, I'm as optimistic as the next guy but this team is not playoff caliber. The Defense definitely is top notch but our offense is just not good enough. And I don't think it's a coincidence that when Philbin wasn't around all week we win 37-0 and then we put up this dud against the Lions when he comes back. Just saying.

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You'll probably never come back to this, as will anyone, but I'm gonna' write it anyway because of how inaccurate & off base it is!!
I'm assuming(terrible, I know) you know why Philbin was absent. If not, it was because his father passed away. His absence, combined with his return, and the reason behind it all are why the Dolphins played with such emotion. Emotional FB teams can do incredible things! 2 years ago Bruce Arians and the entire Colts team pledged to extend their season for the return of Chuck Pagano, who had been diagnosed with leukemia. They did it with a rookie QB, no less.
I'm not saying this will push the Dolphins into the playoffs. But saying the reason we whipped SD was because Philbin was gone all week is the exact opposite of what happened.
I am far from being Philbins' biggest fan. However, when a life changing event occurs to a HC, a QB, someone who stands out as a leader for an organization, there is no telling how much emotion & how far that emotion will be carried by a good team.
Possibly, if they are still carrying some emotion, maybe they can add the season ending injury of their best lineman onto the pile of weighted issues and front page news this team has been trying to carry all year!! Use it to count them out; it's just not their year; they tried to build an OL in 1 year, now they have lost possibly the best piece; it's all over!!
These are the kinds of things that when all timed together, you end up with the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team!! The Boston RS coming from 3-0 down against their friendly rivals, the NY Yankees!! It can be done!! You never know; don't count them out!!

Phins Up!!!!

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If Harbaugh is staying in the NFL, then, provided he doesn't win the Super Bowl, he will end up at his next team through trade. There is another year on Harbaugh's contract and the 49ers reportedly are looking for draft picks. This may make it a bit easier to land Harbaugh.

I don't know if Jim Harbaugh is going to Michigan. First, reports are that John Harbaugh wants the job and he may get an offer before Jim. And given Jim Harbaugh's personality, after watching his brother beat him in the Super Bowl and then his biggest coaching rival beat him in the NFC Championship the next year, one has to wonder if Jim Harbaugh is ready to go back to college coaching. He seems like he has something to prove.