Saturday, November 22, 2014

2 Predictions...

There is a lot that has been going on this week concerning the Broncos/Dolphins game. Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas haven't practiced pretty much all week but are most likely playing. Charles Clay is out which was a surprise. Daryn Colledge is coming back which is good news. All of this has been a whirlwind to try and figure out.

The big question is, which Dolphins Team shows up in Mile High? The team that played the Chargers? Or the team that played the Chiefs? 

If the team that played the Chargers shows up Miami wins. No doubt about it. Denver is not a good running team which means they will pass, and like Carl pointed out, Miami is #1 against the pass. Denver's line is a mess right now which also plays into our hands because we have a fierce pass rush. Also, as Carl pointed out, the winds will be strong, and in case you haven't noticed, Peyton's passes are looking pretty weak and wobbly as of late. Also, the wind helps us because we are a better running team. 27-20, Miami.

If the team that played the Chiefs shows up, Miami loses. Why you ask? We are playing Peyton Manning and no team can show up flat and expect to beat Peyton. If "this" Miami squad shows up, Denver wins by a score of 30-13. 

Which one will it be? 
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Miami 98-3 or 19-17 or 31-27 or 10-9 or 2-0 or 27-24 in OT or 2-0 in OT or 16-14 or 34-31 or 55-48 or 20-17 or 98-95.

Only because we are making multiple predictions.


Ok Carl

My prediction for the Bills game was 34 to 16 in favor of the Fins. That was an 18 point spread. We won by 13. Pretty close huh? I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my prediction for the Broncos game. Well wait no more.

It's gonna be the Fins again. 38 to 24. Wake is gonna have a monster day with 2 sacks, 6 rushed passes, and a strip fumble.

"What am I drinking ?" You may ask. I'll tell you after the game. ������������



Joe, you may be on to something but I dont think anyone scores more than 23 points.


Enjoy the game pal!


@ Carl:

LOL at your comment. What I am trying to say is Miami either plays great or do t play at all. There is no in between with this team. Since you forced me to make 1 prediction, I say Denver wins. 31-13

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Thanks Lawrence! Been wondering where you were!!