Sunday, October 19, 2014

You're Only As Good As Your Last Sunday

And if that's the case then we are pretty good.

When you control the game and keep the time of possession to almost one quarter in your favor, that's pretty good.

Tannehill proved all of us who have said that you have to start him through this season correct. He looked real good today and despite a few sacks the O Line kept the Bears at a distance.

Philbin pleasantly surprised me when faced with a 4th and 1 after Miller was tackled just shy of the first down and knowing he was going to call a time out to organize the offense before going for the first down, he dropped the challenge flag, killing 2 birds with one stone.

That not only gave us a slim chance of having the spot overruled but it also gave us an extended time out to figure out what we wanted to run.

And run we did, as Tannehill took off on the read option for 30 yards and a first down.

However, with 2:30 left in the game, as we were running out the clock inside the Bears' 20 yard line, I thought Philbin missed another opportunity to use a challenge.

We have the ball 2nd and goal from the Bears' 12 yard line and Tannehill hits Landry who is driven out if bounds at the 1 yard line stopping the clock.

The instant replay from the endzone camera looked as if Landry's knee touched down inbounds before he fell out of bounds.

Had he challenged that and the call was upheld, we would have lost a time out that we really didn't need and the clock was stopped anyway.

But if it was ruled that Landry was tackled inbounds, we could have run the clock down to the 2 minute warning.

I thought that was worth challenging as it would not have cost us anything and given us more time to talk about our next play.

We had too many tickie tack penalties called against us but luckily they didn't come back to haunt us.

So its off to Jacksonville on Sunday and luckily they won today because who likes to play a team who hasn't won yet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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I always say that there is no more dangerous team than one on a serious losing streak. To wit: The 2013 Bucs, after an eight-game losing streak beat the 'fins 22-19


Yes chewee2k. I remember that Monday night well. Our O Line was in shambles having lost Pouncey as well as the two others who remain nameless to me.


Was a great game for Tannehill no doubt Carl!

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I thought I was watching the movie "Patton" when I heard Lazor yell "Gofins4sb, you magnificent son of a bitch, I read your post".

You nailed it this week!


Where are all the Tannehill trolls this morning. Nealy three solid performances in a row.
Can't let up against Jacksonville whos " D " is coming alive.


I agree Farley, I don't see any comments from the Matt Moore fan boys this week.


I thought Lazor was very creative with his play-calling. It was an exciting performance by the offense. Glad the refs caught on to Marshall pushing off defensive backs on his breaks. Those Miami uniforms gave Marshall flash backs and he did the rest to show why he's no longer a Dolphin!

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This game proves this team needs to be judged at the end of the season.

Last week people were going mad calling for the coaching staff to be fired. This week all is well...

The problem with the Green Bay game was disappointment. We all clearly saw what this team could be, but in the end it failed to deliver. This week, I think we saw the team that was promised to use for 59 minutes and 54 seconds of the Green Bay game. That is good news.

We all need to remember that this team is young. This coaching staff is young. Winning consistently in the NFL is something most haven't experience. But the past two weeks have made it obvious that this is a very talented team. Now is the time to start winning.


I agree linearz.

I was one of the Philbin doubters. Thinking he was in over his head but his challenge renewed my believe that he just needs some seasoning and confidence in himself.

I liked his post game speech on Miami Dolphins Official Site


I think the phish were successful because Philbin didn't hinder Lazor. Also 12 men on the field was almost 13 men that crap has to stop.


Forgot about that mattbatt.

I guess no one counts players anymore or last guy didn't get off in time. Not sure if 12 actually participated in the play as they never showed a replay and I didn't record this game but will check on NFL replay tonight at 8:30