Monday, October 13, 2014

When We Drafted Tannehill

This one image keeps popping up in my mind when I think about the day we drafted Tannehill.

They showed the Dolphins war room and Ireland had just picked Philbin's first Dolphins player in a draft.

Ross, Ireland and Philbin rose from the table and there were no congratulatory pats on the back. Not even one big smile could be found on any of their faces.

Philbin stood up and let out this huge deep breathe which gave me two impressions:
1) He knew he had his work cut out for him
2) Tannehill wasn't the guy he wanted to hook his wagon to

If Tannehill was his guy, Philbin would've been pretty excited.

Today, as we all call for both of their heads, that image of Philbin letting out that gasp of air haunts me.

Maybe, just maybe, Philbin doesn't like any of the QBs he is saddled with but needs another draft to get his guy.

Unfortunately for him, he may not get the opportunity.

Phins Up!!!

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Philbin was quite taken with young Mr. Russell Wilson if I remember the tea leaves correctly!


If that were really the case; then why has he not made a change at QB? Tannehill has given Philbin plenty of cause to bench him in the past year and a half. I am not counting the rookie season because Tannehill was still in pampers. If he starts Mooore, he will salvage the season; if not, then he and Tannehill are out at the end of the season because the new head coach will bring his own gun slinger.


@MilkMan...I believe your right.


@David...Philbin obviously believes Tannehill gives us the best chance to win. And I agree.

Keep in mind that if a new coach comes in, he is at the mercy of the draft and his gun slingger may not be available.

And as Parcells said "They want you to cook the meal but they won't let you shop for the groceries."

Its not like in College were you can go recruit your player.

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Philbin didn't want Tannehill. But his mentor (Sherman) talked him into it.

Here is my opinion on what happened:

1. Ross wanted Jim Harbaugh the year before, but went about the process the wrong way. He decided he needed yes people/nice people around him, and Ireland was the main yes guy. So he let Ireland screw Sparano. He gave Sparano an extension out of guilt. Both should have been fired on the spot to get Harbaugh.

2. When Sparano needed to be replaced, Ross kept Ireland, who can't judge anything. Ireland recommended Philbin so Philbin couldn't threaten Ireland around the franchise. Why? Philbin didn't call the plays in Green Bay and was lucky to be hired as a HC. Ross shouldn't have listened to Ireland.

3. Philbin hired Sherman, his mentor, and scared away Mike Nolan. Sherman sucked in Green Bay, and sucked at A&M.

4. Sherman talked Philbin into taking Tannehill. Philbin got played by Sherman.

5. Ireland signed David Garrard because he thought Tannehill wasn't going to start for a year or two. Garrard gets hurt. Tannehill has only started one year in college as a QB.

6. Tannehill struggles, no surprise, under Sherman. But too late, his development years were a waste because he shouldn't have been starting that soon.

7. Now Philbin is thinking to himself, "how did I get myself into this situation with Tannehill," but in order to not lose the team who voted Tannehill captain, he is waiting until Tannehill implodes for a whole game. It could be next week. It could be months down the line. But Philbin is screwed.

But if Ross had cut the cord on Ireland and Sparano, and hired Harbaugh, we would have drafted someone who can really play QB consistently. It all comes back to Ross.


Its a soap opera drtharrison

As The Franchise Turns

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Sure seems that way. Ever since Johnson quit, then came back for his last year on the condition that Wanny was to take his place, this team has been a soap opera.


Well I can't change the channel. My TV is old and the knob is broken.


I really wanted to believe we had our QB. I still have a little hope. I know on our current roster, Tannehill is the only chance we have at a winning team, but the way he's playing, we'll be lucky to get a wildcard spot. And even if we do, we'll lose in the first round.

No Moreno is out for the year. That hurts.

All that being said, did anyone really EXPECT Miami to win against Green Bay. We came SO close. Obviously, the fins competed. They need to make less mistakes. They were one Finnegan/Philbin/Wheeler/Tannehill mistake away from winning. Seriously, if any ONE mistake from any ONE of those guys hadn't happened, we'd all probably be singing praise right now.

So, the rest of the season could come down to the way the fins take this loss. If they are negative and have an "all is lost" attitude like all of us fans have right now, it's over. But, if they look at the positives, and realize the fact that they can compete with anyone in the league, maybe they go up to Chicago and win this weekend. Maybe they win against the Chargers. Maybe they at least compete with the Broncos. Maybe they get some redemption and beat the Bills.

All is not lost. It's week 6. A win next week brings us back to .500. This team just needs to stop making so many mistakes. It could be worse. Our problem could just be a total lack of talent, like the Jags and Raiders. Luckily talent isn't our problem.


I agree Jeremy. All is not lost and it is early.
I have no problems with Tannehill.
I do believe Philbin is in over his head right now and his coaching mistakes are killing us. Read the post Gofins4sb just posted. That nails the issues we have with Philbin.