Monday, October 27, 2014

What Goes on in the Miami Locker Room During Halftime?

I was scared of this game.  We hadn't put back-to-back wins together since last year when we beat the Jets, Steelers & Patriots, making ourselves the favorites for the 2nd(think??) WC playoff team. Back to reality. 
Since blocking NE's first punt and scoring a TD on our first massive drive(15 yards), we have managed to score 1 more TD & 2 FG's for a total of 20 points in 105 minutes.  If not for our trip to London and scoring 21 points in the 2nd quarter, we would have a total of 23 points in the next 105 minutes(but really 44).  HALFTIME!!!!!!!!
OK, ready for the next 105? We have scored 77 points!  And the final quarter we slip back down to 33.  We have 97 points in 3 quarters, & 77 in "1!"  Whatever is being said, being eaten, stretched, taped, watched, changed, etc.;  Can you guys try doing it at the start of the game? SERIOUSLY?  Is it all adjustments our staff is picking up from the other team?
This is it!!  Every game is a must win, period! 12 of 16 teams in the AFC have equal or better records than Miami(I threw Houston in there at 4-4).
I personally don't care how the point's are scored.  Our defense won the game today & that is what winning teams do when the "O" isn't clicking.  But it has only been clicking except for the 3rd quarter.
9 games remaining.  Put it all together; O-D-ST's; We have the talent!  We can throw deep!  We can run!  Sack the QB.  Do it for 4 QUARTERS and see what happens!!
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Was it a trap game or are the Dolphins playing to the level of their opponents? I don't know. Couldn't believe how mediocre the offense played early, no thanks to Colledge. On one play, the Dolphins had two blocking backs flanking Tannehill in the shotgun AND HE STILL GOT SACKED! Good thing the D was playing a mistake-prone rookie qb. Guess the only way Philbin can motivate players is by calling them out in front of the team, like he did to Sturgis and Fields. Both seemed to get over the hump and played a lot better.