Monday, October 27, 2014

Trade Deadline Thought

The trade deadline is approaching on Tuesday and that of course fuels speculation of what teams might do. There were some rumors Miami inquired to Tampa about Doug Martin which is likely true. Keep in mind inquiring means nothing but a call asking what they are thinking in trade value. The Dolphins should be calling everyone to get a feel for asking prices.  That is called due diligence.  Martin could pair with Lamar Miller for a  1-2 punch. I don’t think the Dolphins are desperate for RB but if Lamar Miller gets hurt, I personally think the Dolphins would lose quite a bit with just Daniel Thomas and Damien Williams. So if Martin can be obtained for a reasonable draft pick or player it would make sense.  When considering possibilities it takes more than just what a need is. You have to consider a player’s salary as well.  Miami is not going to have a lot of available cash this offseason. Olivier Vernon is going to command a high contract.  They also have to consider if they want to resign Jared Odrick. Jared Odrick will also command a sizeable contract.  With that being said, it becomes unrealistic for the team to give up draft picks (who play at much more affordable rookie contracts) for a player like a Vincent Jackson. The team simply would not be able to afford him next season and they already have a substantial amount tied up in Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline. 

So with a more complete picture in mind, where do I see Miami considering a trade? Well on the need side, Miami could use an upgrade at running back depth thus the inquiry into Doug Martin.  They could also use some upgraded depth at offense tackle.  In my opinion there is a sharp drop off after Albert and James.  On the surplus side we do have ridiculous amount of depth at the defensive end position.  I know Dion Jordon is a popular name swirling around because he is young with so much upside. However, with recent drug use issue and him being just 1 strike away from a season ban. I don’t see a team willing to risk enough to justify trading him. One player I would consider trading would be Derrick Shelby. He is preforming at a high level and could start for a number of teams in the league.  Miami has two high end starters right now in Wake and Vernon. They also have Dion Jordon and Terrence Fede. In my opinion Terrence Fede is similar in talent and ability to Derrick Shelby. He is of course more raw, but I think he would be an adequate player in place of Shelby.  Shelby is very affordable right now for a team and will be a RFA in 2015. He is going to be getting a big pay increase but he will not be an open market free agent. This would make him very attractive to a team needing defensive line help.  Fede signed a rookie deal from the 7th round which makes him very cap friendly for the next few seasons.  Assuming Dion Jordon stays out of trouble, and assuming Miami plans to spend the money needed to keep Vernon.  It would make some sense to move Derrick Shelby for an upgrade to our Offensive Tackle Depth or upgrade at running back depth.  Another way to look at this would be as follows. If Braden Albert or Juwan James gets hurt, the backup to them is Jason Fox and Dallas Thomas. If Lamar Miller gets hurt our back-up would be Daniel Thomas and Damien Williams. That is some serious drop off. If Olivier Vernon or Cam Wake gets hurt then Dion Jordon and T Fede would be picking up the slack.  Jared Odrick could also help out. That is not as severe of drop off in my opinion. 

So there you have it, my arm chair realistic possibility of a player for a player trade that could help two teams and make salary cap sense.  Of course that requires a team needing defensive line help to have an extra running back or extra offensive lineman that would upgrade us.
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There aren't too many mid season trades in the NFL. Not sure why when other sports have plenty.

Baseball and hockey, you can just plug a guy in position and play him since everyone uses the same formations.

Hoops, you do have some offensive schemes but there aren't many.

I assume because football has so many different formations and plays from them that teams figure that about time they get someone up to speed there is only a month left in the season and the trade off probably isn't worth the production.

I am not sure if Jordan doesn't need another year to grow physically. We should sign Vernon anyway.

I would be willing to trade for a starting guard or linebacker.

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Do we have a RB on the practice squad? We took Thomas someone else in waiting that knows our offense considering what you detailed very well, Carl??