Friday, October 10, 2014

Tony Sparano

Good for him that he gets another opportunity to coach. But too bad that for the second time in his career, he's the interim head coach (make no mistake when he was in Miami, after Ross courted Harbuagh, Sparano was "interim" and was gone at season's end).

I've met him, and he's a decent guy. Unfortunately, not a great head coach....and while we're on the topic, this video has drawn mixed reviews. Some players say they would have lined up to take part, others think its hokey. Count me among those that think its hokey. But whatever it is, its kind of funny, since he ultimately says "do it if you want to"...and later there's a guy who says "what are we doing this for again?"

This ranks up there with Dave Wannstedt's lobster trap stunt .
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I have no problems with that exercise. The team didn't have to get involved and they all willingly jumped up to assist in symbolically burying the first 4 games and going back to work.
Will it work, time will tell. But at the very least, getting the players to physically put the past behind them can actually have a better effect rather than just talking about it as they all contribute to it.

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It is hokey yet sometimes hokey is what you need. The Raiders are a bad team. Really bad. Can't begrudge Tony here, he has a nearly impossible task with that team. He is trying anything he can think of.

Not saying that Tony is a good coach, just saying this is completely different than the Wanny's lobster trap.

Wanny was coaching a very talented team. Those players didn't have time for that kind of nonsense. What the players needed was a focused game plan and a team culture that had the players never take a snap off. Instead, Wanny gave them a lobster trap, and another wasted season.