Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Offensive Crossroads

Today the Dolphins take on the Chicago Bears. This game will feature two teams with a lot of talent, both that are in the middle of the pack needing a win.  On the surface the story of this game is the high powered Bears offense. However, this game is all about the Miami Offense. We have installed the new offense along with some big money into our WR core.  Our team is designed to score points and defend the pass. In this game we face a team with a seriously depleted linebacker core and some holes in the secondary.  Miami is 2-3 and there are a lot of questions about this offense. If Miami is going to make a run, now is the time.  Here is my top 5 watch list for this game. The Dolphins have to be able to do these things today.

1.)    Miami needs to score AT LEAST 14 points in the first half. They have been flat the first half most of the season. Can they have the team playing sharp right away?

2.)    Tannehill needs to play consistent 4 quarters.  He will have matchups he can exploit. BUT can he exploit them?

3.)    GET RID of the horrible short yardage offense. Will Philbin continue to lose games by using a poor short yard offensive set?

4.)    Get Lamar Miller in space. The Bears have a strong D-Line and injury depleted linebacker core. That is an ideal defense to setup some running back screen plays.

5.)    Move Tannehill A LOT. Read Option, Roll Out, Designed QB Runs.  Nothing puts more pressure on a linebacker core than a running quarterback. The Bears are weak at linebacker. The more you move Tannehill, the more breakdowns will occur in run stop lanes and pass coverage from the linebackers.
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Nice read GoFins. This game is simple in my eyes, I don't remember the exact record but when Tannehill has a passer rating of 90+, the Phins are like 13-1. When he is below 90 they are something like 4-12. Tannehill needs to win this game by simply being a game manager and honestly, I dont think he can do it. Second thing is that Philbin needs to stay out of Lazor's play calling, he is horrible under pressure. That's probably the reason he didn't call the plays in Green Bay...

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Amen gofins4sb!

Bears haven't won at home yet so they will come out fired up. I think we could use some misdirection early and take advantage of their LBs inexperience and over reacting.


Unfortunately the Dolphins are the Flint Tropics of the NFL. Don't laugh. There are a lot of similarities. They technically could turn it around for a season, like the Tropics did, but I don't think it would really matter long-term until they have a game winner at helm.


game time baby