Monday, October 13, 2014

The fake spike

I couldn't believe that Aaron Rodgers pulled a Marino and ran an effective fake spike to setup the winning play.  He caught the Fins napping...

How embarrassing for the Fins.  Especially since Rodgers said after the game he called it on the fly. Now there's a guy who *could be* mentioned in a conversation as the next Marino....

And to think he could have been a Dolphin with that #2 overall pick they used on Ronnie Brown....
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I called it before Rogers faked the spike. I knew he was going to run a play. I yelled at the tv screen but the defense did not hear me this time. The biggest issue was on Miami's last possession. They should have went for it on 4th and 3 because if they failed to get the 1st down, they could have gotten the ball back with time on the clock for at least kicked a field goal for a tie.


This season is over, I don't see us going to Chicago and winning, maybe we can beat the Jaguars and I am not sure about the Chargers. That would put us at 3-5 if we beat the Jags, its not looking good for this team. Tannehill was a no show in the first half, just think if we scored more than 3 points in he first half we might have won that game, this team is full of what if's.


I think a lot of people saw the fake spike coming David! I was also yelling "get back on the line and get ready!!!! The last drive the Dolphins were just sleep walking! The worse part of that is if our guy does his job and tackles him in bounds and doesn't help him out of bounds the game is over. Our DBs cannot tackle to save their lives!!