Monday, October 27, 2014

Take the under

Under as in "underwhelming" and under as in the betting line.

Three times this season, the Dolphins have come in under the betting total.  With the NFL's increase in scoring (over 50 points in some games??!!), the Dolphins and their opponents are having trouble getting to the mid-40s combined points in most of their games this season.

You might say that in part its the Dolphins defense, but if you look at the teams they beat, other teams have held them to low totals as well.  So it seems more likely the Dolphins defense has played well enough, while the offense has been just okay.

Yesterday, Tannehill had an average day. Under 200 yards, a TD, and not much explosiveness on offense.  And take away two bad throws by Bortles, and Miami is in OT with the Jags, tied at 13.

That's underwhelming.  Thankfully Bortles made those mistakes...but you can't rely on luck every week.  At some point, it runs out.

Meanwhile the Patriots continue to show how wide the gulf is by completely dominating the Bears, where Miami beat them the week before - it was a somewhat convincing win, but not the beat down the Pats put on the same team.
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Typical Dolphins!!! They beat up the bears and then are in the fight of their lives against a 1-6 Jags team!! Watch....they will thoroughly dominate the Chargers. And who cares if the Patsies whip the bears better than we did. We whipped the crap out of the Patsies!!!


This team is a joke, just as last years team was a joke but the sad fact is the joke is on the fans as it has been for the last decade,


The Jags defense is pretty good so they are no push over.

Our defense is ranked 8th in points allowed.

Don't forget the Jags made only 1 of 4: FG attempts in the first half. One was blocked, one was taken off the board due to a holding penalty and the other was missed. So if you were a Jags fan, you would've been sitting there thinking we should be up 12-0.

With 4 minutes left in the first half, our offense produced a grand total of -9 yards on only 3 possessions and we were still winning. At that point, our entire coaching staff huddled up to consider punting on 1st down.


Well David, lucky for you you're not a Dolphins fan!


David, you should go find another team to cheer for. I here the Broncos and Seahawks are accepting band wagon applications. Now might be the time to jump on the Cowboys bandwagon as well.

As for the game. I don't consider the pick-6's luck at all. Delmas and Grimes are highly skilled and they read the eyes of the QB. That's easier to do against a rookie, but it's still skill. Not luck.

The Jags had the 2nd highest sack count in the NFL going into this. We all knew Tannehill would be under serious pressure and we all knew this game was not going to be a blowout. Tannehill made some good plays and finally connected on a deep pass to Wallace.

The score should've been 27-6 because the only Jags TD happened in garbage time. Don't even count it. So, in a way it kind of was a blow out.

Again we were off to a slow start in the first half and made halftime adjustments and then came back out and played better. This is the only thing Miami truly did wrong. They need to play well for four quarters.

The next four games are going to be tough. I can realistically see us going 2-2 over the stretch, which actually would put us in a safe position if we can play well in Dec. However, this team IS CAPABLE of going 4-0 over the next 4. Yes, I said it. Even the great Peyton Manning could fall to this team if they just play consistently for 4 quarters. We just have to wait and see. The next 4 games will most likely determine the fate of this season and the current regime.


That's some kool-aid you're drinking. 4-0? Not. A. Chance. 2-2 is the best they can hope for, and 1-3 is moe likely.

A couple of wins against mediocre opponents tells us nothing much. The talk should still be the same (that the team still needs a QB, and the coach should be replaced), and not about how they've "turned the corner"

As for the dbs reading the eyes of opponents? Puh-lease (eyes roll). That is pure luck. Nothing more. Its crazy to think otherwise.

This was in no way a blowout. But a win is a win, so whatever


Well Dave, If you're going to hypothetically take away Bortles "two bad throws" (which were mistakes made due to our awesome D-Line, pass coverage, and defensive play calling and coaching) then take away Tannehill's interception in the end zone and just call it a touchdown. That would have gave us another 7pts and we would have won anyway......hypothetically.....There isn't a team in the NFL that clicks on all 4 cylinders all the time. We're finally starting to find a way to win which is most important. far as explosive plays we actually had an good day at that for a change. We had a couple of 30 yard runs. We had a 50, 38, and 19 yard receptions. We just didn't have any consistency converting 3 downs and keeping drives alive for most of the first half.


I didn't say they will go 4-0. I just said that if they played to their full potential all the time, it is certainly possible. 2-2 is my guess though.

I'm not saying we've turned a corner either, but if you don't think the DBs on this team know how to read the QB, especially a rookie, then you're the one who's crazy.

Still too early to be saying we need a new QB. Give RT his FULL three seasons. I'm still not a fan of this stupid 3-year standard, but it is what it is.


Always surprising to see people ripping on the team after they just won 2 straight games. There are 13 teams in the league that would love to be 4-3 right now


Since this team can be so up and down, we could easily win only 3 more games. But then again, we could go 7-2 too. Who the hell knows?

The NFL is a marathon so we are in position with 10 other teams for the wildcard. I doubt we beat out NE for the division but one never knows.

Lets go week to week and see what happens. We may look back and say that two weeks ago was the start of our run to the Super Bowl. Ask all the other mediocre Super Bowl Champion QBs about their runs to glory.

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Are you handing out assignments? Can we choose which medisquash...I mean mediokra, SB Champion QB to interview? I want Russell Wilson. Being more white and all, I could hang in his crib, & jus' as' this, o' as' dat. No deal, man, isss' all gud!!