Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Strange doings?

Over the last few weeks, we've caught a few reports of Jim Harbaugh's days being numbered in San Francisco.  Jay Glazer has said there is "no way" Harbaugh returns.

And with Mr. Ross flirtation with him a few years ago, you have to wonder if he'll make another run at Harbaugh.

Meanwhile, we hear reports that players are not happy in the locker room, and Mike Wallace wonders why the offense isn't more explosive - calling out the scheme.

And Dawn Aponte, who last year was Philbin's biggest supporter after the Bulying incident, has turned on him to some degree.  She is now - as it has been reported - telling Mr. Ross that Philbnin isn't getting it done.
And today, it was reported that *now* Marino is working with the QBs, and more involved in team operations.  Can that mean that he's keeping an eye on things and reporting back to Mr. Ross?

I guess time will tell, but it sure smells like its going to be a coaching change at season's end.  And its only a year too late if it is.
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We do not want to go from one extreme to the other. A head coach who is on a power trip will devastate an already damaged and confused dolphin's team. Our next coach needs to be a seasoned expert; not too demanding and not too easy.


Hire Marino as head coach. Let him manage some good assistants and manage the game.


No disrespect but did you see Dan's wunderlick score ? FYI it was 15 one of the lowest ever tested. Love Dan as one of my top three all time players but please he can never be considered for that job.


Harbaugh isn't gonna come anywhere near the Dolphins! Not to mention, we don't even know if the Dolphins get it together this year and go on a run into the playoffs. Philbin isn't going anywhere if that happens. As for the whinny 49ers! They should remember what a crap team they were before Harbaugh! I would be proud to get a great coach for once! Kaepernick isn't too far from Tannehill. He would definitely coach Tanny right


As it stands now this team is a joke, looking at our remaining games I see us winning maybe 3 more, we won't beat the Chargers, Lions, Bills, Ravens, (not with the crappy play of our offense) we might beat the Jets and Vikes, but that still leaves us with a losing record.


I couldn't care less about Marino's wunderlick score. Can he manage a game? Can he game plan? Does he command the respect of his players?

I wonder if Shula knew if two trains were traveling at such and such a speed where they would collide?


Yes....but can he teach anyone how to play the game? He could read a defense and squeeze a ball in. But I have no idea if he's capable of imparting his approach into anyone else.


This has been the most odd week I recall in awhile. The Dolphins have won two straight and over .500 and people seem to be getting more and more upset that they are winning. I don't care who the coach is if they are getting Wins


LOL gofins4sb. You are so right. You know Philbin may grow with this team this year and 10 years from know we may be glad we kept him.

I am flying in today and will be at hotel tomorrow. We have each others cell numbers so see you tomorrow. Hopefully you can make the welcoming party.

Dave, you make a good point about teaching. Not sure about that. I don't think he would take a head coach job anyway. But I wouldn't mind seeing one of our ex players come in if Philbin doesn't pan out. Who is currently coaching besides Bryan Cox?


Looking Forward to it! I am hoping to catch the tail end of it. Either way will see you Friday!

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I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end of this season, we see a coaching change. It seems to me this team has outgrown its coach. While the flat starts and bizarre in game decisions have - for the most part - been overcome by the talent on the field, its becoming clear that better coaching would probably net this team another win or two over the season. The team can suffer mediocre coaching in the interest of stability when the team's talent level is mediocre, but when the team has the opportunity to become a contender, it needs a coach that can captain them to and through the playoffs. To date, Philbin doesn't look like that guy.

Marino does know what that guy looks like:

Agree that Marino may be ownerships trusted voice in the matter of a coaching change. Marino doesn't have much skin in the game beyond the Dolphins being relevant again. Marino is NFL royalty, and the coaching staff can't say no to him hanging around the team. If he is really involved in evaluating the coaching, then its a friggen genius use of #13.

Harbaugh is a very good coach, and, if he becomes available in the offseason, the question about hiring him has to be asked. From everything I've read about the 49ers, the front office is incredibly dysfunctional - going all the way back to how the current ownership got control of that team. Lately, the team's front office has done a series of stupid things, and then blaming Harbaugh in the media which is just another of its stupid things... From all accounts, Harbaugh is fed up and it seems both sides will be happy if he leaves. If Harbaugh leaves (or gets traded), the 49ers will be sunk. If the 49ers fire Harbaugh, he will not be out of work for long.

The only problem I see with Harbaugh for the Dolphins is that he may want personnel control - given that the tension in his current job with the GM. IMO, that would be a no-go. As a GM, Hickey is a keeper, and we can't let Hickey go just to get a big name coach who may leave in a few years. We've had enough of that nonsense with Saban and Parcells. But Harbaugh may be cool with just being head coach - Harbaugh has never said he wants GM control.

And that is sort of the problem with speculating on Harbaugh now.... Nobody really knows what Harbaugh wants because - beyond asking the 49ers for a contract extension and more money - Harbaugh hasn't said anything except that he is "focusing on the next opponent". All the news about the tensions with the team and front office has been generated by "sources" in the 49ers front office. Because of this, any news regarding Harbaugh's employment and availability next year can't be trusted.

On the Dolphins side, given the GM's performance so far, if there is a coaching change, Hickey has earned the opportunity to hire his guy. And looking at Hickey's MO to date, I would expect that he hires a quality guy that makes casual fans go "who?" only to soon realize he just hired the next Shula.


If we change coaches, I'd correct the 2012 mistake and hire Todd Bowles.