Monday, October 06, 2014

Some Clarification...

Addressing a few things.

I noticed that some of the comments on my earlier posts couldbusebsome clarification.

It was said that I post immediately after a loss but not after a win. That is not true, I posted immediately after the Game against the Patriots and had nothing but good things to say about these Dolphins.

It was also said that my "no more excuses" slogan that I have adopted are merely just reasons why a team loses. Well, that is one way to look at it but here is how I see it:

Did Brady give excuses or reasons why he got bR chef against KC? No, he did not. He came out the very next week against the only undefeated team in the Bengals and handed them their ass.

Did Jim Harbuagh from San Fran say, "man, we are missing Navarro Bowman and Aldon Smith so that's why we lost a few games this year". No. That's because he does not offer excuses.

Randall Cobb from Green Bay said that their offenses play was unacceptable after a loss a few weeks ago. No excuses or reasons offered.

Demariyus Thomas From Denver had a HORRIBLE start to the season. He dropped a ton of passes and only scored once in 4 games I believe. His response? No excuses or reasons offered for his very poor play, he just had 234 Yards and 2 TDs against the very good Arizona defense. He would have had 70 more yards and a third TD but it was called back for a chop block.

Do you see anything in common with these examples other than they don't offer excuses or reasons for poor play? I'll tell you, their teams have been extremely successful in recent years.

It's time for the Phins to follow the example.

No more excuses.

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Aw hell yeah. Too bad the owner doesn't manage his staff well. The team would have been better 3 or 4 years ago.

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Hey Lawrence,

No worries. We're all fans (short for fanatics) and we should all know that our irrational criticism or blind enthusiasm all comes from the right place. Heck, I got hammered for posting that Tannehill needed to step up his game after win. The Internet is not short of strong opinions....

I get where you are coming from, though. This team has been mired somewhere between losing and mediocre since Jimmy Johnson left. It is frustrating for us that were around in the nearly thirty consecutive years that this team mattered.

But I think some of us are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The new GM looks like he knows what he is doing when it comes to talent. Last week, our Philbin pressed all the right buttons to get Tannehill playing like a winner. The offensive playcalling doesn't look that bad. The team may not be perfect, but, given the horrible personnel management this team has endured over the past decade, we can't expect 1972 overnight.

Given some of the positives signs, its hard for many fans to rally around the call for Philbin's head like you have. No teams have instant turnarounds by clearing the decks with new coaches and new players. This isn't and excuse, this is FACT. You seem to think the Niners solved everything by hiring Harbaugh, but Balky had been building that team for years, and the guy who Harbaugh replaced may have been one of worst coaches in the NFL. BTW, the Niners still haven't won the big game. It took Pete Carrol 4 years to build a team that had been to the Super Bowl only 2 years before he was hired. Champions aren't built in a season.

For some of us, things are finally starting to look up for the Dolphins. Hickey, has basically retooled the entire offensive line and running game with only one off season to work with. It seems like a really good start, so sorry if many of us Dolphin's aren't on board with blowing things up now.

As for excuses, I agree 100%: nobody on the Patriots TEAM made excuses after the KC game either. But I do recall a lot of Patriots fans making excuses. It was non-stop excuse train from that crowd, but what do you expect from Patriots fans?

Likewise, nobody on the Dolphins TEAM, not Philbin or any players, are making excuses either. So when you write "No Excuses" in reply to posts that don't essentially say "fire everyone", then who are you saying is making excuses? It seems more like you think us fans, who don't see this team as a complete failure after a week 3 loss, as excuses makers. If that is the case, then you are wrong.

The way I see it, saying last weeks victory "means absolutely nothing" is an excuse for winning. We all know, if this Dolphins team was the complete underachieving failure then we would have lost that game regardless. We've seen that one before under Wanny and Sparano. Instead the Dolphins gave the Raiders their worst loss of the season and got their coach fired. Meanwhile, the Dolphins got off the mat after a two game slide, pulled to 2-2 and then got a week off to regroup with injured players getting healthy.

I'm excited about he season moving forward.

Phins Up!


I agree with everything you just said except one point. This team has been mired in mediocre since the firing of Don Shula. Garbage man Wayne is the the worst thing that ever happened to the Dolphins. Maybe they are finally recovering the damage he has done.


@ Linearz: Joe Philbin press conference after the loss to KC. "...I think our offensive sturggles don't fall entirely on Ryan (Tannehill). It is a combonation of a number of things. The Protection. The timing of the routes. The dropped passes. As I said, it is a number of things..." Those are excuses that Philbin made. As I stated in the post in reference to D. Thomas, he said in an interview after the game last Sunday that he has not played his best and he is hurting his football team and he came out and DELIVERED. How many Phins players have said they are hurting their team by their mediocre play? I cannot recall one. Again, as I stated, its time they should start.

As for the Niners and Harbaugh thing. Well, I realize that they have not won the big game. BUT they are competing week in and week out. As a Phins fan wouldnt you be happy with that and 2 conference championship game appearences and 1 super bowl appearance in 2 years? Who is to say that if we get the right coach we cannot make that quick turn around? I am not throwing in the towel on Philbin yet but some of his decisions have been very suspect. He needs to have this team COMPETE every week. Our personnel is good enough that we can at least do that. I am not saying we have to win every game but we do need to compete and not get blown out on a routine basis. Lastly, he needs to make the playoffs. I dont care how he gets this team in. Whether its 7-9 wild card, 8-8, 9-7 or if he wins the division. The playoffs are a must or his tenure in Miami is most likely done

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Actually, Tannehill has stated several times this season that he needs to play better. I haven't heard excuses from him, even when his WR's drop the ball like crazy, he still says "I need to play better." In fact, Philbin is really the only one guilty of the excuses you've mentioned.

What I think is interesting is that when Lazor is asked about Philbin's offensive play calling, you can tell he didn't agree with it and it just playing nice. I wonder how much Lazor is being held back by the front office and by Philbin. I think they should just give Lazor the reigns and let him call the plays on offense. No more of this conservative "play not to lose" crap. If Philbin wants Tannehill to be confident and play well, he needs to let him play. Show him he believes in him. Tannehill has the tools. Now he needs the confidence. Let him play to win on every down, through thick and thin, and we'll finally see what we have in him. At least that way we'll know, and we'll either be in the playoffs or we'll be talking about who will be our new QB/Coach next season. Win/win.

Also, we need to just start blowing teams out. Don't play down to competition. Play the way Belichick was a few years ago. "Up by 30 in the 4th quarter? Lets score another TD." This team could do it. Just let Lazor call the plays and lets start destroying teams.

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I don't see how Philbin's statement qualifies as an excuse:

"...I think our offensive sturggles don't fall entirely on Ryan (Tannehill). It is a combonation of a number of things. The Protection. The timing of the routes. The dropped passes. As I said, it is a number of things..."

Seems to me Philbin was calling out the whole offense, and rightly so. It stunk that game.

Have you ever heard a Harbaugh press conference after his Offense has a bad game? Replace Tannehill with Keapernick and you get almost the exact same quote. The real difference is that Harbaugh is way more entertaining when he says that stuff.

Anyway, glad to know that its what Philbin is saying that you think are excuses and not comments from us fans.

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I don't know. With that Defense that JJ built, I have to think if he had stuck around he would have put together the rest of the team. When JJ came aboard, after the 96 season, the team was in cap hell and in shambles. The team had only two players - OJ McDuffie and Dan Marino. JJ got this team in the playoffs in 3 years - though the results were ugly. But looking at the trajectory of this team, had he stuck around it would have been very good. Personnel wise, it was good, the problem was Wanny.

Also, not so sure Shula was fired... If I remember he retired. I don't think he expected JJ, and that pissed him off, but if he had the fire to coach he would have stayed.

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Wanny is the nickname for Wannstead. Indeed, an easily forgettable coach. Wanny took what may have been one of the all time great defenses in the NFL and anchored it with Jay Fiedler. In my book, Wanny is to blame for not following through on what JJ started, and sending this team into the death spiral of the last decade. JJ gets honorable mention as a quitter.

Sorry for my lack of clarity here, I didn't write that Shula push JJ out. Nor do think JJ pushed Shula out. What I remember from 1996, Shula's last year, the team went all in salary cap wise. We knew before the season that if the team didn't win that year, there would be a few years that it would stink. That kind of tipped from the start that Shula was going to retire. Sure enough, when the team failed in the playoffs, Shula retired. Made sense, he didn't want to go through a rebuild.

Still, I think it surprised Shula to some degree that JJ became the coach. From what I remember from comments in the paper and such, they didn't really like each other. That may go back to JJ appearing to vulture Schnellenberger's job at UM.

There was a lot of speculation that JJ and Marino didn't see eye to eye, but it is difficult to really say if any of it was true. JJ did try to draft offense. Yatil Green and Cecil Collins seemed like good picks on draft day, but both obviously went south quick for non-performance reasons. So, not nearly as successful as he was on Defense. Still, I think JJ knew how to evaluate talent and win, and he would have put the offense together given another year or two. And no, Jay Fiedler wouldn't be the guy...


I think we can also all agree that Meuler/Saban set the team back at least 5 more years. "Brees or Culpepper?....We choose Culpepper!" and "Oh no, I'm not taking the job at Alabama.....Just kidding! I'm actually on the plane now. But I had a great time running this team into the ground. Good luck picking up the pieces."

Saban was one of the worst pro coaches I've ever seen and Randy Meuler was a complete idiot of a GM.

Then we got Cam Cameron. That was fun....

Then Sparano, who thought gimmick plays were the long-term answer.

It's sad that Wanny, who never played to win and always played to not lose, is the best coach we've had since JJ left.