Monday, October 27, 2014

Ryan Tannehill (well his wife Lauren, anyway)

 You can have an opinion about Tannehill, and most people do.  Mine is on the side that he's not so good.

But...there's no debating his wife is easy on the eyes.  Once, when asked why he married her Ryan quipped "look at her..." With that in mind, here are two sites with pictures of Lauren.

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Dirty Dave lol. Ok I admit I could not help myself I had to look to.


I hear ya. I was actually looking up a bit of info on Ryan, saw these links and clicked to "have a peek"...thought I'd share. :)

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I like the Empire State Blding pic. Everytime I see those set-up pictures instructed by a photographer the women don't seem real? Besides, I like librarians with dark glasses, dark hair, and just a hint of "I threw this crap on because I woke up late," but yes I can show you how to work the vcr in one of our private movie rooms in back!!