Thursday, October 30, 2014

Remaining schedule

The AFC is much tougher this year, so 10-6 will be the lowest win total a team can have, in order to qualify.

At 4-3, that means the Fins have to go 6-3 to get there.  Can they do it?  Here's my game-by-game:

Chargers - I give this one a toss up, just because its at home.  I'll give the advantage to Miami (yay, a 3-game win streak) 1-0

@ Lions - no way does Miami win. And Megatron is expect back. 1-1

Bills - the Bills are flat out better (I know it sounds incredible), and can win against Miami, even in Miami.  Its a toss up, but lets give it to Miami 2-1

@ Brconcos - "next question!" 2-2

@ Jets - Miami will win one against them, not sure which one.  So I'll go loss here 2-3

Ravens - Miami just can't seem to beat them over the last decade or so.  And Joe Flacco has turned out to be a good QB.  Loss 2-4

@ Patriots - Bill can't stand losing.  And he hates losing to the Dolphins.  He won't get swept.  2-5

Vikings - its at home, but by then Bridgewater will be a legit threat.  It should be close, but Miami might win. 3-5

Jets - the Jets fans only hope to go 2-0 every year, with both wins against Miami.  But I think at home, last game Miami pulls it out and goes to 4-5

Which makes them 8-8, and then Philbin will be gone!

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It would not surprise me if Miami beats both Detroit and Denver, only to lose to the Bills, the Jets twice, and the Vikings.


The Miami Dolphins have a tremendous amount of talent!! They just under perform. The 49ers wished they had our talent and look what he did with them. We need a coach like Harbaugh to instill discipline! With him, Tannehill begins to play like smith and the whole football team begins to play more physical football. Last year at the end of the season it was embarrassing how they played! They played listless, without energy and heart! This team lacks pride! That they would allow other teams to come to Miami and embarrass them in their own back yard! They should have gone to the playoffs last year instead of losing to the pathetic Jets! That wouldn't happen with a real coach


So far, this Dolphins team has been playing to the level of its competition. I wouldn't be surprised if it wins the next three weeks only to lose 23-6 to the Jets.

If we are a game behind the Patriots in week 16, I wouldn't be surprised if we win that one.


Miami beat the Chargers last year with a lot less talent. If Miami can keep it within a field goal, they'll beat Detroit. I think they'll beat the Bills. They do not want to get swept again. I don't know about the Ravens. The phins come so close so often to winning those games. We'll see. It doesn't happen often, but I think the dolphins will sweep the Jets. They're THAT BAD. Miami will most likely lose to Denver and NE. They will crush the Vikings in their most decisive game of the season. I'm still saying either 9-7 or 10-6 and MAYBE a wild card.


Chargers were not playing that well when we played them last year. They really hit their stride at the end of last year and are playing really good ball right now. I think Rivers is playing the best he has in years. It's gonna be real hard to beat them if we don't get serious pressure on him. That has always been an issue. getting pressure on the qb on a consistent basis. We win every game that we can make the qb feel the heat. It's up to our front four


I'm hungry? I think the Chargers are one of the most overrated teams in the league. All because the Seahawks opened the season whooping GB's butt, then the very next week Seattle travels to the heat of SD, and is exhausted to the tune of 42-17. that's not the score; time of possession!!
They have played 4 good teams & beat 1=Seattle. They have beat Oakland, Jacksonville, NY Jets (teams 32, 31, & 30) & at Buffalo in nice weather and EJ Manual. I had more about the season, but ...domestic dispute won over. Miami 10-6 or 11-5 & in the playoffs;


Miami runs the table.beating the Packers in the Super Bowl 28-27 as Tannehill wins Super Bowl MVP and Philbin gets coach of the year.

There, I said it! Its out there, say what you want.


BTW....its HOT down here in South Fla. Oh my humidity.

Thank goodness I shaved my head. My eight hairs would have been frizzing.

To the DolfansNYC members heading down too: Hydrate, now while you have a chance.


That's a bold prediction. Are you taking action, or being sarcastic...or ...humor..I think?


KNick..."Why not us!"


I agree. If SD coughs up the ball 3-4 times today(in crucial situations if the game is tight)with Miami recovering, then I'm finally going to take that Wundlick test. I've heard you can then shape shift, and I've wanted to be a German Shepherd ever since I saw one....well, that part isn't important. I just think it would be kinda' neat to be a police dog at the airport; checking for different kinds of, that's not important either. The fact is....I like puppy chow!

There, I said it, it's out there, say what you want.