Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quick Thoughts after the Green Bay Loss

What a tough loss.  Sometimes you would rather just be blown out at half time rather than lose that way. I see that standard hate and blame flying around some justified and some not in my opinion.  For what it is worth here are my quick takes from the game.

1.       Tannehill played like Tannehill.  He had a god awful first half making three horrible choices with the ball two of which ended in INTs. He came back strong in the 2nd half and gave us a chance to win. That is pretty much what he has done for the year.  We are still waiting for him to play a solid full game as that is what it is going to take to beat good teams.

2.       People ripping on Coyle and Grimes are pretty clueless.  What Miami’s defense did in the first half was about as well as any defense in the league can play. Yes they allowed the game winning drive but when your offense is turning the ball over and doing 3 and outs as well as not getting points that is pretty tough. The offense should have won that game in the end so we did not have to put an exhausted D out there to try and stop a top 5 QB.

3.       Yes Brent Grimes got beat a few times. But keep in mind he was matching up man on Rodgers and Nelson all game allowing the Dolphins to use their safeties to help other parts of the D. I personally thought he did ok considering the match up

4.       Philbin is starting to become the joke of the league. As they yet again had a critical short yardage situation (3rd and goal on the 1) which they then ran two plays from shotgun failing on a pass and the giving Moreno no chance running at D-Tackles without any lead blocking help. I am sorry but it really has become comedy at this point as they continue to lose games because they don’t run a simple overload power offense to push for a yard.

5.       Unless something amazing happens this year I really hope Ross does what it takes to get Harbaugh. I feel horrible for these players putting their heart and soul into this and just not being put into matchups to win.  Am I the only one that does not understand when Green Bay gave Miami the hands to the face penalty at the end of the game we just had to run the ball and run down the clock?  Tannehill threw the ball away on 2nd down. Worst case is we probably had 30 more seconds off the clock and 2-3 yards which may have given us a first down on the 3rd down run. Then to run a draw on third and long? You have to know your D is tired and that was your time to win the game right?

6.       Landry is for real and I suspect will continue to get better.

7.       Koa Misi, and J Jenkins looked very good.  We have a solid D if we can starting playing consistent offense

8.       We are only one game back of the Patriots who we already beat and this was a non-conference loss. Ross needs to evaluate if Philbin has the team’s trust.  If the players are supporting him then keep on moving forward. If they are not defending him maybe it is time to make a bold move?
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I have had enough of Philbin gofins4sb.

Poor clock management. Poor play selection at goal line. Poor choice of not having a knockout power formation. Poor use of TOs.

He us just plain Poor!


amen carl...gets damn tiring watching his coaching and for that matter Lazors for not running...


I agree Gary. Philbin says they were throwing the ball on 2nd to get the first down. We still would've needed another first down with 3 minutes left and the 2 minute warning. Run the ball then throw if you have to on 3rd but I would've rolled Tannehill out and if guy is open throw ut and if not, run it as far in bounds and take down to 2 minute warning then punt it.