Monday, October 27, 2014

Philbin & Tanne Get a "Pass" From This Guy....

OK, So the Dolphins squeaked by the Jags with the team riding the defense for the win.

If you watched the game or even read about it then you already know that our defense was superb and our offense might as well not have suited up in the first half because they ran something like a total of 9 plays for a 12 yards and yet we were still winning and getting the ball to open up the 2nd half.

With all that being said, I am giving Tannehill & Philbin a PASS! Yup, that’s right, I am not holding it against them. This team got the win even though it was in horrendous fashion.

I have said all along that the true tests of Tannehill & Philbin will be against the Bears, (which they won), Chargers, & Lions. I expected them to beat the Jags, even though I admit I expected a lot more out of the Phins, they won as expected. The Ravens also pose another test for our coach & QB but that is far down our schedule so we will talk about that in a month or so.

The reason that I say the Chargers & Lions pose a huge test for Tanne & Philbin is because:

One: They are 2 really good defenses, the Lions own the best one in the league as a matter of fact.

Two: These teams both find ways to win ugly games, just look at the Lions victory over the Falcons yesterday.

Do you think Philbin can come up with a game plans to win? And can Tanne execute those Plans? Because Rivers & Stafford won’t be throwing two pick 6 interceptions to hand us the game. Enjoy the Jags win as I am but remember, if we were playing probably anyone other than Jacksonville yesterday, with the way our offense performed, we most likely walk out of that game in the loser column.

Hopefully our offense can put it together for these next 2 games.
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You didn't do your home work Lawrence or you would know that the Jags defense over the past four games has given up next to nothing... Check it they are trending better than the Lions and Chargers ( who gave up 35 this week) Quit hating on our W's. Jags whupped Cleveland last week in case you missed that.


Jags are no pushover.

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@ Farley999:

Jags record is 1-7-.125 winning percentage. Their great defense you speak of has allowed 218 points this year while allowing opposing teams an average of 27.3 pointe per game. They have also allowed 3059 total yards which ranks 31st in the league. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, then it most likely is a.....

Homework done!


Past 4 games they ( Jacksonville) gave up 3 offensive touchdowns.
Pittsburgh who scored 50+, Tennessee, Cleveland and Miami. I sentence you to detention for not completing your homework. All about trending.


@ Farley999:

..."All about trending." according to Farley999:

Pete Carrol: Hey Mr. Marrone! I am in quite a pickle here. You see, my super bowl winning QB Russell Wilson is "trending" downward the last 3 games. He is 1-2 and has an average passer rating of 78.4 and your QB, Kyle Orton seems to be "trending" upwards with a recent record of 2-1 with an average passer rating of 110.76. How about we trade QB for QB and since yours is "trending" better than mine, I will even throw in the defensive back of your choice! So what do ya say old Dougie boy?!

Doug Marrone: Sorry Pete, My QB is trending better right now. No deal.


You are expelled Farley999!!

LOL, homework has been completed...


I am not sure what people define squeaking by team. But I personally don't call 27-13 squeaking by a team. I am blown away but all the negative people all over the Dolphins. The just won 2 straight games on the road and are now over .500. Jeeez


@ gofins:

Squeaking by means only generating one offensive TD and relying on 4 special teams mishaps by the opposing team as well as 2 horrible passes by the opposing QB leading to 14 points. All I'm saying is against any other team, the Phins lose that game. Not negativity, just a fact. The offense must play better


I would 100% agree the offense needs to play better. However, it was primarily one player that screwed up the first half ( Colledge). At the end of the game Philbin had pulled some of his starters. Pouncey was out , I saw Walt Aikens playing safety when Jacksonville actually scored the late TD. The offense then just ran the clock out at the end of the game rather than trying to score again. If Miami had wanted to risk players to injury they could have one this game 35-6 if they really wanted to. Just my 2 cents


Sorry "won" the game SMH


Does Pittsburgh wear those jersey's because they are so ugly? I don't understand where these teams get the money to buy so many old fashioned uniforms? I have holes in my underwear dang it! What? No, just holes, We buy tp.


To say the Jags D is good is a bit of a cop out. The Jags D-Line is good. The LBs are horrible in coverage and the DBs can be beat.

This wasn't just the O-line. Tannehill played his worst game since that stinker against the Bills. Several times he missed open WRs or held on the ball too long. When he tried to exploit the LBs in the short/medium passing game, his passes were off target.

Tannehill did nothing to help the Dolphins win. The Dolphins were lucky they were playing against a rookie QB who couldn't yet read CBs sitting on the passing lanes. If not Jacksonville, this game would have been an L, and it would have been Tannehill's fault. This game was a considerable regression for the Dolphins QB and offense.


Never give passes to anyone. You never hear of Manning, Brady or Bill B getting passes from their fans... reason being the great ones don't want or need them.

We always hear excuse after excuse from the Failbin and Thill fan club, they are not good enough and will shows us this by not making the playoffs.