Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Passionate ownership

I watched the Redskins - Cowboys tilt, and there was Jerry Jones, front and center, basking (as usual) in the limelight.

If this game is all about personality and entertainment then he embodies it. And whether you like him or not, you know who he is, what he looks like, and what he stands for.

Can you say the same about most of the 31 other owners?  Ever seen the guy that owns the Dolphins?

And yet here was Jerry - owner, GM, president, bus driver, head chef, and bottle washer, front and center.  He did an interview during the game, using a headset from his owners box.  How weird is that?  And yet for Cowboys fans - and for the entertainment aspect - how weirdly wonderful....

Later, when Romo got hurt, he gave a statement to the sideline reporter about Romo possibly coming back and then he went onto the field and talked to the coach about Romo.

They may have gotten to be "America's team" through the class and distinction of Roger Staubach and Tom Landry, but they remain popular in large part because of the personality of their owner.

Now for the record, I don't like *him*, but I do respect what he's been able to do.

Like I said, its all about entertainment.  He's got comments about everything, and he's not afraid to voice them.  It is fun to see someone that passionate about his team...

The guy (well, I would say "in Miami" but that's not right because he's "in NY") who owns Miami could learn a thing or two about showing some passion.

My two cents.
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I don't care about having a guy who's popular. That matters about as much as team uniform colors. JJ has been running a train-wreck of a franchise for 2 decades. They've been a joke. Just because they are winning more this season doesn't mean JJ has anything of value to teach the other owners.

Actually, he does teach them one very important thing: What NOT to do. He runs that team as the owner and GM as if it's his own personal fantasy football team. If he had hired someone who's actually qualified to be a GM, Romo would have won a SB by now.

The only thing that is going to "entertain" me is my team WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES. You can keep the soap opera "entertainment." This isn't pro wrestling.


I agree with you jeremyandjessica. Jerry Jones is "like-able" but that's about it. Everyone was hating on Ross when he went the Jerry Jones route. Getting celebrity owners and doing all the "entertainment" stuff. Just win games, hire the "right" people and get out of the way


"Just Win, Baby"....Al Davis

Now there was an owner I would love to have right now. He coached in the league and won. He won Super Bowls. He knew the game.

I think Ross really does care about winning and building a successful franchise. Its just Dolfans are so inpatient right now. They are fed up with waiting around.

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I understand & agree with your entertainment assessment of the NFL. As far as the Dolphins are concerned, looking at their staff directory in terms of football; & then glancing at what I assume are somewhat equal positions for Dallas.......well, I'll just say trying to interpret what I have heard Mr. Ross say he is doing, which is bring a championship football team to Miami(my words), I have serious questions & also doubts when I look at the Owners:
Chairman of the Board: Stephen M Ross
Vice-Chairman/Partner Jorge Perez
Vice-Chairman Donald F Shula
Vice-Chairman Matt Higgins
H. Wayne Huizenga
Marc Anthony
Gloria Estefan
Emilio Estefan
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
It paints a clear picture about the Entertainment aspect! But I would at least think these positions would be held by business-minded marketing gurus. It seems we are more concerned about Half Time singing stars for the Super Bowl which we failed to secure for several years.?.?.? Then again, that's perfect if they would have received a bid. At least they wouldn't have had to worry about the home team reaching the final game!!


Reports are starting to pour in about how JJ made the call to put Romo back in after he went down last night, against the recommendation of the medical staff. Yeah...Jerruh Jones is a great owner. At least he was entertaining while he put his QB's career on the line, even though Weeden was actually playing pretty well.


That being said I don't always believe everything I read on the internet, so we'll see, but it definitely sounds like something JJ would do. He loves to micro-manage.


Dave, you mentioned last week and again today how the game is about personality and entertainment . I agree with the entertainment part but personality?

I watch for the competition between the best of the best....The winning....watching the team grow....the great acrobatic explosive plays..... The rush that I get is when the team that I have followed since diapers, wins....the chess match between the O and D....I feel like I am part of it because I have stuck with them through so many crappy seasons. But the list goes on and on.

I hate the personalities, the show-boating (I made a tackle so everyone look at me....It's your fricken job bozo), The politics with the NFL, I hate the bandwagon fans, I hate the owners that don't know there place on the team and interfere with coaching and player selection which leads me to Jerry Jones.

Since buying the team he has run off some of the best coaches that have ever been in this game because his ego is so big (especially when they are winning) he won't let the coaches coach their way. No one wants to see his spotted head and his stretched facial skin on the side line and no one thinks he's entertaining. That's like saying that the fans like seeing Don Kings personality before a boxing match. He needs to shut up and stay upstairs where he belongs. Thank god we don't have an owner like that or I might have to convert to a Titans fan.

Russ from Tennessee

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@JeremyandJessica Branham,
Hey, y'all believe my crap don't ya'?? Kidding. I didn't read the report you spoke about of JJ putting Romo back in when Wheeden was playing well! I heard it on a Sports Center Report about the Monday Night Game!! I think that can be trusted=well, regardless, what I have come to expect about JJ's actions are exactly what he did. I didn't hear what Garrett felt, what the Cowboy Physician felt; I picture Romo saying he can play while JJ is present, & then JJ makes the decision; superseding any/all other authority!


For those of you who disagreed. I say "fair enough"...there is a line behind the unknown owner and the Jerry's of the world. And here we - and everyone really - are talking about it. How's that for being featured as entertainment? Arguably he cost the cowboys the game.

But if its about wins and losses, wouldn't you rather have the cowboys record over the last decade, than the dolphins? You can have them both...


Ideally, there would not be owners. Just a GM that ran the team and the team itself was owned by the respective City or County. However, that is not realistic right now. I would personally rate Jerry Jones as one of the worst owners in the game because his micromanagement style keeps good coaches away. I would not say he is The worst owner because he does try to field the best possible team. Teams like the Bengals and Bills have not had much success in recent years because the owners refused to put the required money in to to get players. That is the worst kind of owner in my mind. It possible to get worse like having a racist owner which the NBA has been dealing with or a drug addict like Jim Irsay. So in the big picture I feel like it gets a lot worse than Ross


@KNick - Well it looks like those early reports may have been pure speculation. Jason Garrett said that JJ did not make the call. Of course, if JJ had, I highly doubt anyone in HIS organization would admit it knowing the media backlash that would ensue.


@gofins4sb - The Packers don't have an owner, they are publicly owned by the fans. They are currently the only franchise in sports that is set up this way. Why can't all teams be that way? Green Bay is the only team that the fans can rest assured will NEVER move cities and they have some of the most passionate fans in the world. My only beef with the Dolphins is most Miami fans who actually live in Miami. NOT ALL. Just most. The fact that the seats are always empty makes me sick. The fact that I'm more of a real phins fan than 80% of the fans in Miami who claim to be makes me sick. If I lived there I would have season tickets and be at every single game. Even the year they went 1-15, I would've been there. And the 2004 season, when they went 4-12? That December game in New England was practically a blizzard, but Zach Thomas and crew managed to pick Tom Brady off 4 times, giving him the worst statistical game of his Career. You would have thought the Phins won the SB in my house that night. Woke my whole family up cheering when Thomas grabbed that interception in Miami's own endzone.