Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Observation for 1, 3, or the win!!

 Sunday 19th, 1:11 pm
Messing around on the internet Sunday I lost track of time!  1:11 pm when I looked up. Signed-off, kept power on for scores, turned on my television to the Dolphin's game.  Karma, coincidence; neither actually, just when I turned it on.  Tannehill receives the snap & passes to TE Charles Clay for his 1st TD of the season(2nd if the guys played without helmets).
Caleb Sturgis lines up for the XP & WHOAA!  Man, I thought!  That kick looked as if he was trying for a 60 yard field goal.  Or, he always kick xp's that low & I'm just picking it up?  If all his kicks are that way, & the other team has someone watching a televised version of the game(which every team should!!), it would be easy to block his field goals!  Am I looking for things or did I view that accurately?
 I know this very well could sound like hog wash.  It is not.  EVERYTHING I JUST TYPED happened or was said in my brain.  You don't have to believe me, consider some of the crazy Posts I have turned in!  If possible, re-watch the game, or at least the xp's.  I'm telling you they are lower than I have ever seen & it did come back in play later on.  We got away with it because we played a team concerned with personal achievement. 
Either his xp's are bad kicks/miss-kicks/what ever? But he needs to be told if no one on the Dolphins is aware of this!!!!!!!!!
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Knick, do you play golf? I liken the kicking game to a golf swing. It's usually a minor adjustment when one's swing/kick goes out of sync. You feel like it's the end of the world and the temptation is to press. For the accomplished golfer/kicker, easy does it. For Sturgis and Fields, it's one tiny piece of the puzzle that's in the wrong place.


Yes, I play golf! Not near as often as I like for a couple reasons: bad back & never know when it could interrupt a round; & to compound that(do not know if I would receive a rain out pass for a bad back, seriously??) I live in Naples, FL, and during season it is at least 2 bills plus to play anywhere that has a good grounds crew.
But I understand the correlation. To be clear: It was that one XP I viewed that was low. He normally kicks them high & straight?
Obviously, he has the leg of a good soccer player just by watching; 90% of his KO's are not returned because they've gone through the end zone(90%=I have no idea; guessing)
I'm definitely willing to accept/agree/believe what you are saying, & say it was just one bad kick(made up of many, many timed movements coming together at once; & if one is off, then it's snap-hooked onto the 18th fairway going the other direction) or low kick with 1 part of the equation miss-timed.
Can I write anything short & explanatory without going ooonnnn.......????


Just providing food for thought, KNick, not my fault you stay at the buffet table! LOL!

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Alright! Who's been givin' out my waist line??
Oh, not the Patrick Swayze(Ghost) ditto. The brot....forget it. If anyone can dig a hole and try climb out, but instead continuing to get deeper & deeper? Yours Truly!