Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now That The Starters Are Coming Back

One of the interesting questions I am wondering about is what is going to happen to Samson Satele and Daniel Thomas as we pass thorough the bye week.  We are going to have to cut one player very soon to make room for Reshad Jones.  All reports indicate Mike Pouncey will be back for the Packers game. Knowshon Moreno should also be very close to back as well.  I think it is pretty clear that in the very near future Knowshon and Lamar will be our 1-2 punch at running back and Pouncey will be our center.

Daniel Thomas was cut then curiously he was brought back and played ahead of the Damien Williams and Orleans Darkwa.  Thomas did play decent and had a nice game against the Raiders, well pretty much everyone did.   Damien Williams is on the kickoff return team and does flash some potential at times with his runs.  Today the Dolphins signed La Michael James to the practice squad. I have a feeling Orleans Darkwa could be the odd man out.  I don’t think they are going to cut Thomas again.

Samson Satele. – I don’t see Samson sticking around very long once Pouncey is healthy. We have plenty of guard depth. A couple of guards Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas can play some tackle in a pinch. Nate Garner can hold down the back-up center position. 

Let me know what you think, any other roster changes coming this week?
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I've been reading that La Michael James may take over punt return duties. Isn't La Michael James the same guy that fumbled away the NFC Championship game on a punt return?


Do you know if Thigpen was cut? I would think it would make much more sense to have him do it. I think James is just a deep running back insurance policy if they let one go


Good question. First you can only suit up 46 so which O Lineman do you list to suit up for a game?
Then you can only keep 53 on Roster so who do you keep there? These guys are protected from another team poaching them. Do you keep Satele there as insurance even if he never suits up again for a game?
Anyone on the practice squad can be poached but you at least have them around.
I would say low man on totum pole at RB is gone and Thomas stays.
AND what do you do when Dion Jordan comes back?
Believe it or not, but as you build depth, this is a great problem to have.


I Satele is better at guard than Thomas and Turner. I would definitely keep him and dump one of the other two. Thomas had potential, but couldn't run with that pathetic offensive line. This line is better so we should keep him at number three. None of the other backs run as hard as Moreno! Trade Ellerbe. I like Jenkins. Potential future star. Have to get rid of Wheeler. He sucks


Good post GoFins. I have no idea who will be cut but it should be noted that Samson Satele's full salary for the year is guaranteed sine he was on the active roster of week 1 whether he is cut or not. This is a union negotiated rule...

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I think you are correct KNick. I don't see him playing guard. I think Billy Turner is our most talented guard and he is 4th on the depth chart right now.We really just don't have a need at the guard spot unless it is very high end guard which Satele is not, I don't think he as even played that position. My guess is they keep him on the 53 until Pouncey shows he is back to form in live action. Once that happens they will release him and he will get paid for the year unless he gets signed by another team and then they will pay him for the year. I am not so sure there are 32 centers that are better so there is a good chance he will end up helping another team like he did the Dolphins. I wish him the best either way and I think we all appreciate him stepping in short notice.