Sunday, October 05, 2014

Must Have Been Some Party At Off The Hookah Saturday Night

Why else would Derrick Shelby had refused to leave?

I look at his mug shot and his eyes aren't bloodshot or lit up so I assume he was fairly sobber.

Maybe his entree was late or undercooked or maybe the belly dancers got to him?

When management says its time to go then, whether you're an NFL player or not, its time to go.

Its especially time to go when you're an NFL player because the media doesn't really care about some belligerent Tom, Dick or Harry who refuses to leave and declares their right of citizenship.

Yes, in America, you have the right to come and go into and from public establishments.

 The key is knowing when to go from more than go to.

Here's my rule of thumb: Its better to leave early and have people wish you were there than to stay too long and have them wish you were gone.

When the Police arrive and ask you to leave, that's a good indication of "Hey, I'm not welcome here anymore so I best take my business elsewhere."

It sounds like Shelby refused the chance the Police gave him to slip out into the night and chose to have the glaring light of the media shown upon himself instead.

How come when these athletes are shown in their mug shots they are not doing their post sack pose?

Now that's a photo opportunity missed. Shelby may need a new agent.

Shelby looks like he got banged up a bit in his mug shot. A swollen lip and an abraded cheeck show he didn't get the best of whomever.

 I wouldn't doubt he got slammed to the ground or against a wall when they handcuffed him.

Maybe we should sign that cop to play the O Line.

Looks like we need a new D Line drill for not only rushing the passer but also for rushing out the door.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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I think Fede is very comparable to Shelby so I am not overly worried about this. I am not going to speculate on what happened who knows. But I agree with suspending him. You have to be smart enough to avoid those situations so yes you sit out for being a fool until it gets all figured out.


Although.. maybe we should go there when we are in Miami next Carl. We can wear our Shelby Jersey's and do shots all night


just order water and take up a seat for hours waiting for your "friend" Derrick to show up.


Lol gofins4sb.
I only have Marino jersey.
Doubt I will ever get another unless from 72 team.

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