Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mike Wallace benefiting from new offense

Through 6 games this season Mike Wallace has 30 catches for more than 350 yards and averaging 12 yards a catch. Those are good stats through 6 games but the stat that is more impressive is his 5 TDs. He has scored in all but one game this season. Wallace has been utilized well this season under Lazor's offense. Last year we saw him not able to run across the middle and he looked like he gave up on a lot of plays. This year he is playing more towards Tannehill's strengths, being able to get open on slants across the middle and on outside routes besides the go route. We are still waiting for that play where he outruns his defender and Tannehill hits him in perfect stride for a TD, however Wallace is being able to score by not just simply out running the whole team.

Wallace is tied 8th overall by WRs in TDs (this is a total number, some teams have not had a bye yet) and out of his 30 catches, 20 of them have gone for first downs. Being efficient in moving the chains is greatly needed in this offense. Wallace also impacts the game in other factors because many times he requires a safety over the top which helps the run game and also takes away pressure from other receivers leaving those like Landry to one on one match-ups. Now many will argue that Wallace is not worth the money we have given him but we have to at least acknowledge the fact that thus far he has played well, considering has already matched his total amount of TDs from last year and on pace to break his single season record of 10 TDs back in 2010.
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He is earning his keep.


I think one other factor is he is working HARD. One of the last guys to leave extra catching etc. Bush used to do that. Funny how that works.

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Great article! The money? "Paid too much", "got a great deal", blah blah blah. If teams want a player, and other teams want him as well, you pay what the market calls for when there is bidding basically.
From articles I have read, we were able to sign him for 16 million less than what the Vikings were offering. So didn't we get a deal on a player that WANTED to play in Miami. I don't know a lot about the business side, contract negotiations, cheerleaders singing, etc. Could he have asked/forced Miami to up their price? I think he could have, but he wanted to be here, and $60,000,000.00 is just under what I made last year, but still a lot of money.
With Lazor as OC, I think he was worth it. Only 7 games in to Lazor's offense. I think he will continue to prove our money was spent well.


To KNick: Thank you! And you are worth what the market pays you and Wallace took less to come here. He may be over payed in some people's eyes but he is playing a key role in the offense. I don't see us keeping hardline though if we stay with wallace. I think landry will replace hartline sadly.

GF4SB: I have read he has stayed late after practice and gained some muscle, it is showing on the field


He's playing like he's eating nails for breakfast. Since Week one vs NE he has been playing w/ that spirit. He stuck his shoulder into a Pats defender in that first game and has played inspired football so far all season.