Monday, October 27, 2014

Miami- Jacksonville Post Game Thoughts

What a strange game! Blocked Field Goals, Hit Uprights, Two Pick Six Touchdowns, Pigeons? Of course what really matters is the Dolphins came away with a win. Here are my Top 5 thoughts after the game.
1.) Ryan Tannehill - Showed me something.  Colledge was not ready to play and nearly got Tannehill killed. Brian Hartline dropped a few very catchable balls. Tannehill was under pressure and not getting much help and he still pulled it together to hit a big vertical route to Mike Wallace. He also used some well-timed read option runs to close the game out. Is Ryan Tannehill Peyton Manning? Of course not. However, you saw what it is like to have a bad quarterback today for Jacksonville. I am not meaning to rip on Bortles, he is a rookie and learning the game. But when you boil it down, the difference in the game today is Miami had a decent QB and Jacksonville did not.

2.) I think Daryn Colledge really did have a migraine. I know he is not some elite guard but he is not that bad. If he was just getting smoked it was a genus movie by Miami to keep the media heat of him. With that being said, we have Detroit, Buffalo and the Jets coming soon. All those teams have very good D-Tackles. Colledge is going to need to play ALOT better.

3.) Brian Hartline play has clearly dropped off. (Yes I am going to be a bit of jerk) But how about he starts spending more time after practice like Mike Wallace on the jugs machine and less time modeling clothes and working on end zone dances that gives us penalties. It is time for Bill Lazor to start using Gibson and Mathews more snaps to send Hartline a message.

4.) Our Defensive Line is amazingly loaded.  I am not talking about 4 really good Dlineman. I am talking more like 8 very good defensive line players. Considering the defense was again on the field almost the whole first half and Vernon was making big plays fresh is amazing. Dion Jordon and Derrick Shelby allowed Wake and Vernon to rest without a huge drop off.

5.) Now we find out if Miami is Playoff team. San Diego, Detroit and Buffalo are all playoff contenders right now. We won't be able to overcome the offense laying an egg in the first half and the special teams playing poor. I know Miami is not a bad team. But we are now going to find out if they are a good team.
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Great post gofins4sb!

The season starts now.

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Excellent points!
I go with ya' on Colledge. They were moving past him as if he didn't see a person. I've never had migraine headaches, but for many people a trip to the emergency room or their GP is needed. If that was what Daryn was ailing from, he should not have started!! These guys are in fear of losing their jobs and often put that in front of their health(wrapped-up in it is a paycheck, family, life basically. NFL sure uses these guys & throws them out to pasture when nothing is left).
I wonder how many players are walking around out there in some stage of CTE already? 32 teams, 54 players plus practice squad & all others that are available? The medical evidence is already clear on a number of players. It's quite gut wrenching when you consider it. Suicide is considered the ultimate act of selfishness in the Christian Bible(I know I will alienate myself with this; it's not like I receive any feedback anyway so I'm going to say what I think/feel!!), and considering how close other religions are in basic rules & conduct of a good person, it may be the same for Hindus', Muslims', Buddhists, etc...
My point being that Junior Seau & Dave Duerson took their lives by shooting themselves in the chest, there by preserving their brains' in whole to be looked at/examined. Late case CTE for each. And now the assertion(I used assertion because there is evidence of CTE="The brain degeneration is associated with memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia." but how do you prove spousal abuse? But they are saying it comes from the same area as CTE in the brain)that the spousal abuse we are becoming aware of, is directly related/or resides in the same area of the brain as CTE. And there has been no history of these problems with the men & their families it has affected.
When it all comes down(unless the NFL can sweep this under the carpet & claim ignorance-or "we didn't see any tape!") the game will change, the NFL will owe millions, or when I say the game will change....people in the US may finally see football as futbol and why the entire world(other then this very young country of America)has a favorite sport with the same name, but much safer to play. Hard to imagine when so many think money equals happiness & success.