Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jimmy and Danny

Throughout the 1999 season, there was a running joke about "Jimmy and Danny" because there was so much .... bad blood.  Jimmy was the coach and GM.  But Danny was H Wayne's friend.  He was untouchable.  

The Dolphins managed to make the playoffs.  They had a divisional game against intra-state rival, and relatively newcomer Jacksonville.

Jimmy had almost taken a job there, prior to coming to Miami.  So it was personal.  And there was a question about whether Marino's career was coming to a close.  Things looked promising....

And the game went perfectly....if you are a Jags  fan.  For Dolphins fans, not so much.  Just take a look at the video below if you don't remember. 

62 to 7.  It got so crazy that the sprinklers came on during the game.  And the next day, in a form of protest, a group of actual dolphins (the mammals) beached themselves.

It was pathetic all the way around.  

And within days Jimmy quit and Danny retired.

The Fins square off again on Sunday....what will happen?  Hopefully not 62-7....that's for sure...

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Yeah Dave. That was a sad time.


I wouldn't mind a 62-7 score... as long as the 'Phins are scoring the 62.
Speaking of Jimmy Johnson, what a way to waste Marino's last few years. As "great" as he was at UM and Dallas, I think many were blinded by his success at UM and the Cowboys while forgetting that much of it came from getting players with troubled backgrounds that few other colleges would touch at the former and the Herschel Walker trade (not to mention the Steve Walsh trade a year later) at the latter, factors impossible to duplicate with the 'Phins. Would have much preferred Dungy, myself.

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I suspected there was trouble between the 2. Living where I was at the time, I had no idea how bad it was. Good article. I'd like to know more, but at the same time I wouldn't.


I think Jimmy Johnson back channelled Shula's retirement. Then he force fed the run game at a OLine that was designed to protect Marino. He used to have full contact practices throughout the season in hopes of toughening up the O Line. That was just insane.

Johnson drafted a few great players, I will give him that. But otherwise, trading Shula for him was a big mistake by Huizenga.

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@Carl or Dave or anyone that may know,
Using the adage that if there is a disagreement between 2 people, Each person owns some % of right or wrong. In this case, Dan & Jimmy, does Dan....forget it it's in the past. Can you see Dan helping the team get back up, CONSISTENTLY?