Monday, October 20, 2014

Jags Present A Must Win Type Of Game

Not to look past anyone BUT as I look down the line at our next 7 games after the Jags on Sunday our schedule gets pretty daunting:
Chargers (5-2)
at Lions (5-2)
Bills (4-3) Thursday Night
Denver (5-1)
at Jets (1-6) Monday Night
Baltimore (5-2)
at Patriots (5-2)

Without the Jets game calculated our other 6 opponents are 25-12.

And because its the Jets, on a Monday Night, throw out the records because we always seem to find a way to ruin each other's season. Case in point, last season's finale.


Not knowing how the season may pan out for all our competitors, I see 3 games that we absolutely have to win for tiebreaker scenarios later.

Chargers on 11/2. They may not win the division battling the Broncos so we may wind up head to head for a wild card with them.

Bills on 11/13. Say what you like about how we have a better team but they have our number right now and we need to separate ourselves from them in the wild card race as they beat us once already.

Baltimore on 12/7.  Like the Chargers, they may not win their division battling the Bengals so we may wind up head to head with them in a tie breaker scenario as well.

Lets not discount the Jags and Jets because they are conference and division Ws we may need as well.

Even if we lose to the Broncos and Patriots, if we can sweep the others then that will leave us with just the Vikings and Jets at home with only 5 loses and a wonderful opportunity to get into the playoffs.

But it all starts Sunday in Jacksonville with a game we must have heading into this brutal 7 game stretch.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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Still seeing 8-8. We may win one, or even two against the big teams, but suspect we ll have a slip up or two. Hope I m wrong!


They are going to be tough games mouldymuffin!

But we can play defense so the key is, as always, Tannehill.


Easy to decipher Carl! If Tannehill has a 90+ passer rating this team only has one loss under Philbin and Tannehill. when Tanne has an 85 rating, they have only lost 3. When he is rated below 85 this team has only won 4 games and that includes when Sherman was the OC. So pretty much, if Tannehill has an 85-89 rating, we have a good chance of beating anybody, 90 or above and the victory is nearly in the bag, if he screws the pooch and is rated 84 or below and we will pretty much surely lose. The rest if the season, Tannehill's future as well as Philbin's falls on Tannehill's right arm....

Nice post by the way Carl!


Thanks Lawrence.

Our D is fine but if Tannehill is off, our run game isn't strong enough to carry the load and score 21+ points against most of these QBs on the schedule. We will need good balance and dominate time of possession for the rest of the season.

If we play well and get into the playoffs, our defense can travel well and we will be a tough out.

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I agree Jacksonville is a must win game! Even more so if any player believes we beat a quality team on Sunday, hung with a quality team the week before, and now can take it a bit easy before that brutal schedule after the Jaguars.
If, "IF" we are as good as many players think, many(not all) fans think, & I think when we play to win. HUGE difference in playing to win, playing not to lose, & playing because it's my job & this is game day=la te da, can I have my pay check? Chicago, more than any other team, except previous Cowboy teams, has a good deal of talent but so many different personalities that do not have WIN at the 1 or 2 position of their priority list. You could see it Sunday!
Jacksonville is a big game! They just beat Cleveland that many had trouble handling.
Great job to the CB's & the LB's & the entire "D". Keep that intensity for this Sunday. Jacksonville will be ready to PLAY!!
My fridge is loaded with condiments for every game you force me to eat my words!!! I bought enough for the playoffs, force me to use them! Straight paper tastes like.....well, wood.

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Haha KNick.

You may that honey will help you swallow.

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What ever it takes!!! That stretch of tough games you wrote about. I have no idea(who does) how well the Chargers, Lions, Ravens, Broncos & Vikings will be playing? However, I do know, no matter what their record is, 2 of the toughest games could be against the Jets!! I would really enjoy clobbering the Bills & the Patriots. One more time for good measure!(Try look past my literature; to say I did not excel at English Lit.; conjugation of sentences, proper punctuation, etc. Is a HUGE understatement!)
ps I have a large bottle of honey!

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@Lawrence & Mouldymuffin,
MM-If we look at things realistically(as opposed to optimistically or pessimistically), can we see things any other way than 8-8? I don't think so. I agree with what you said, also hope I am wrong, & I'll pray optimistically(I don't know if "praying optimistically" would be considered a redundant statement, but to do the opposite suggests a type of person that I choose not to associate with).
L-Understand/Agree with what you are saying & the figures you worked out!! I believe the question your stats bring up is "how do we get Tanny to perform at that level consistently? How do you get his mental state to say...."this is what I do, and I do it this way every single game no matter how 53 other people on my team are performing; and regardless of "whoever & whatever" the opposing 54 people bring at me!"
For instance; Tom Brady was drafted in the year 2000. Drew Bledsoe was the veteran starter, but sometime during that year(no idea when?) Brady got the call, and kept the job all the way until the AFC Championship game against Slash & the Steelers. Bledsoe played the 1st half for some reason; Brady the 2nd??? My point being, since Tom Brady has taken control of the QB position in NE, their regular season record is 163 - 61. From that same time Miami is 107 - 117. The Patriots have had 12 double-digit victory seasons, and "11" in a row since 2003!!
To give you an idea about how we have declined; we started the 2,000's with an 11-5 record. 2001-again 11-5. 2002-9-7. 2003-10-6. That's 41 - 23, subtracted from 107 & 117 equals 66 & 94 for the last 10 years(not counting this year)!!!


We have played well against good teams this season so hopefully that trend continues