Friday, October 17, 2014

Is Anybody Substantial(Decision Makers) Listening?

I don't live in or around Miami.  I do see the empty seats at the home games.  What can you make of that?  Heat; Economy; 15-20 years of mediocrity & poor decisions;  More interest in NBA or MLB? 
Several Newspapers still exist in the area.  So there are professional writers putting down their opinion on the Dolphin Team.  I guess what I am trying to say/ask/ find out, is if the true feelings of the fans are heard by Ross or his advisors(assuming a person in that financial group has a lot to do and so he delegates responsibilities)?  I read a few papers from that area to try gage expectations, coaching, all things involved. 
These owners and the exclusive financial group they are in, I have a hard time understanding if they are in it to win? Maybe they know the right things to say & do to make it appear they want a winner, but really are only concerned about the gate?
Who are we complaining to?  Is it just each other?  Does the fan base in Miami feel the frustration we do?  Someone tell me there are going to be changes made; at least a trickle of a rumor!!  Anything!!! 
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Dawn Aponte, the Queen of Spades. She holds a scepter, the symbol of authority, while her other sisters hold flowers. She wielded it against Ireland. Philbin could feel its might after bungling Tannehill against the Raiders. Anyway, Philbin is in Year 3 with the verdict to be determined soon.

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