Saturday, October 18, 2014

I guess we shouldn't be surprised

After the game, I was hopeful we might hear something from Mr. Ross, showing fans he cared, and saying more than "I'm frustrated, too"....

The week passed. 

And, we're left waiting.  He never said boo about his team.

What does that tell us?  That he doesn't care?

As a long-time fan, that annoys me.
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I hear what you're saying!! At the same time, I kind of think people are scared to put down they're feelings about the BIG Guys/Girls?.?.?.
I replied yesterday to my own post, yet it was mostly in response to someone else's reply. When I finished, I thought it was medium length(if I push "Preview" it erases my writing), so I published it. I looked, & it was another one of my BOOKS?
I'm gonna go with I have not adjusted to the game increase over the years. Or, it's a much longer season now than when we went 17-0, including ALL playoff games & the SB!
1972(the records will show '73 because the SB was played then), Miami at 2-3 with 8...9 games to be played. Watching Finsiders(sp?) they are saying teams that start out 2-4 make the playoffs 8.6% of the time(I think that's what they said? I was driving, texting, reading a book & peeling a banana while watching so I may have fudged some of it). And that joke all relates to my not adjusting to the game increase. I think most have moved on from the Packer loss and are thinking about the Bears, the hopes of being .500 vs. 2-4, has Vegas moved it's typical "home team" #'s of -3 Miami(or whoever is playing at home)?
The problem with me saying I have not adjusted to the game increase does not take away the facts that Tanny has played 37-8 games & Philbin has coached that many. Tanny, I like the guy as a person, is not gonna take anyone to a SB. Philbin, I also like & believe he is a great father, husband, & man, proved to me last week that he still has not learned how to win a game in the final 2 minutes. Offense or defense, the ball was in our court at the end of that game. That scenario should have been run.....I'm guessing, but I would hope over 200 times from each side(Off. & Def.) over the last 3 years. There is parity in this league & games often come down to the final possession. Personally, I would devote 1 hour or more, every single day of practice, for the final 2 minutes of a real game! Every scenario! So the players know it as well as they know what they do for 58 minutes of the game. Kodaking may help in certain situations, but not when the offense has no TO's left and must score a TD!!! Sorry, another BOOK; & I deleted a lot.


These Dolphins look no different than every Dolphin team in the last 5 years. A couple good players, a slightly below average QB, and not much else.

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So do you have an idea for correcting our slow trudge through mediocrity? We have drafted poorly? Our coaching is suspect? The owner say's he cares but is that a practiced media question response? We have our trainers add amytal sodium to the Gatorade jugs supposedly containing flavored water with a triple pyruvate electrolyte mixture(calcium, sodium, & potassium)? History really does repeat itself and as soon as the Packers win another SB, the Jets will appear and disappear in the blink of an eye! KC will follow it's other professional sports franchise to the promised land. Indian.....where ever Irsay has his team; that city will win a SB. Dallas is already trying to restore itself as America's team! And then, finally, after 25 years of kissing your sister, Miami will......follow Montreal and attempt it's own "pastagate" with a "tacogate!"


What ever happened to the Dolphins vaunted heat-forged toughness and a time when the visiting team wilted in the steamy Florida sun? That used to be the Dolphins home field advantage. Now, the team has an air-conditioned bubble and have gotten so soft that visiting teams show more stamina on game day. Is that Philbin on the sideline or Casper the Ghost? Pitiful.


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